1. The article only says for National level USBC events. And that leagues will have the option to adopt the rule for sanctioned league play. So if your local association has a particular beef against the Purple Hammer, there’s a chance they might vote to adopt the rule to ban it. I would guess most won’t, because who wants to be the ball police, checking serial numbers to verify which balls are good and bad?

  1. PBA’s rule has to do with the balls getting softer. This rule has to do with an investigation that determined that some 16-17 Purple Hammers may have been unintentionally manufactured below the legal limit.

    1. Yes. So… for those in the back… this was a manufacturing process error and all this rule is doing is rectifying that (tho that should’ve been done years ago IMHO.). Dunno, I don’t like this recent rash he inspired of rule changes either, but I’ll take a wait and see approach. It’s not productive at all to bash the PBA or the USBC until it becomes clear how it’ll be enforced. Right now we’re just going on pure speculation.

  2. I distinctly recall someone saying in the comments on the previous video that it was foolish to assume the slippery slope aspect… Now, HERE WE ARE.

    Props to Brunswick stepping in to handle this, but when you’re thinking about it, they are replacing a Hopkinsville with a Reynosa, so things will be slightly different. But again, props to Brunswick for stepping up and doing this. But the question does have to be asked: Granted that the USBC and PBA are different organizations, whichever one that is higher in terms of governing body should have their rule apply, instead of now having diverging rules. For example: The Masters and the US Open are USBC events. by that nature, the PBA’s rules would not apply.

    Also, let’s call a spade a spade: The issue here is specifically the Hopkinsville poured Purple Hammer. The next slippery slope here, is the elimination of the remaining urethane Hopkinsville pours, which would then affect the last ball I can think of that is similar in spec to the Purple Hammer, which is the first Black Widow Purple Pearl Urethane.

  3. Next the USBC will ban wrist braces. The USBC is useless. You do not get anything for your sanction other than they guarantee the prize fund. You do not even get to record an eleven in a row on your achievement page anymore.

    1. That don’t even guarantee the prize fund either! Mine was 900 short and they did nothing!!!!

    2. I dont wear a brace but a soft wrap. If that’s considered a “brace” and gets banned, i wont bowl. Tweaks my wrist if i dont support it.

  4. Might try to find some used 2016-17 Purples on the cheap, and try to trade them in for some new gear…

  5. Maybe we need a new sanctioning body. One that will award the bowler for their accomplishments great or small. One that won’t ban stuff, just to help drive sales

    1. hammer is replacing balls with the serial numbers in question, quit crying or at least know what you are saying

    1. Pure urethane cannot absorb oil. It just has a larger foot print on the lane as it gets softer.

    1. Big Win? They have to give away a a bunch of free balls? It’s basically a free recall I don’t see how that is a win.

  6. I’ve got a purple hammer that was made in 2016
    Threw it so much, it don’t have a single bit of sheen
    I like vintage pieces when they start to hook at my feet
    I tell them it softened sitting in the heat

  7. It’s akin to Motiv having to ban the original Jackal… Limits are limits folks… But at the same time who is this really aimed at??? Two handers?

    1. it really is about the integrity of the sport (i hate sean rash btw) but whats the point of equipment specifications if they arent enforced

  8. So will USBC regulate what temp your bowling center runs now too?? For a sport trying to stay alive the USBC is got a bad case of stupid.

  9. Dude read the article. It specifically states those Purple Hammer’s released during the 16-17 Purple Hammers were softer

  10. Sorry this argument has no teeth. All they saying these particular balls goes below their regulations. That’s it. It’s no different than your ball can’t be drilled illegal for their tournaments.
    But this trying make you think they are banning all urethane balls is just gaslighting.

  11. From what I’m understanding is at one time someone said that those people hammers were actually being sent out softer than tested. So am investigation was done. No evidence was found to prove they were intentionally sent out soft. So this is how USBC decided to deal with the situation.

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