1. @Lee Green on the AIR guys have known that the 6 and 7 purple hammers were different for a while. Then rumors started going around that they were soft. They do a field test at the 2020 us open and found 30% of the balls were under spec but they were just “collecting data.” And now we finally make strides to look into the 6 and 7 purple hammers because former ebi employees commented on the manufacturing errors of this ball when they first started making them. This has been the most sought after ball by tournament players essentially since it’s release.

  1. Now there is a responsibility of your league secretary to make sure nobody is using balls on a USBC banned list? Your average league bowler was already pissed about having to spend money to have balance holes plugged. Seems like a whole lot to do about nothing for the average league.

    1. True for regular and fun leagues, but there are plenty of USBC sanctioned sport shot leagues or regional open tournaments like the southwest open in Wichita that involve big money (relative to amateurs) and side pots are involved in these cases.

  2. How long do you have to soak a urethane ball in acetone to get the hardness below 72D? Asking for a friend…🤔

  3. I wonder why it took 6 years to “investigate” this don t they check these balls before letting them on the market

  4. They should create a new category for this equipment! After all you still need to hit a mark and I don’t even throw Urethane,just saying ,what a waste

  5. Somewhere there’s a guy bowling with a 2016 Purple Hammer, Storm Spectre, and Motiv Jackal with balance holes, doesn’t bowl USBC events, and he’s living his best life. Just bowls for fun and doesn’t take himself too seriously. If he wants a PB&J sandwich he just makes a PB&J sandwich.

  6. This is because of Rash causing a stink. The spectre is only to make brunswick feel like they’re not being picked on. They need to go further with it. Urethane only tourneys and reactive tourneys, then assess what’s really happening in the world of bowling competition. Is it the ball or the bowler? Otherwise they’re leaving the state of bowling in limbo. constant witch hunt for soft balls.

    1. Rash isn’t the only one taking issue with urethanes that are under spec being used in tournaments. This has been an issue since guys started paying attention to the 6’s and 7’s years ago and we are just now doing something about it.

    2. Brunswick bought EBI in 2019, it doesn’t have anything to do with Bruns, that shits on EBI. Bruns fixed the issue with the re-release as far as we know at this time.

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