1. Holy crap, man. The UC3 Trax looks so good. If it’s a solid Tour-ethane I’ll definitely get one. Not interested if it’s just another reactive ball.

    1. Only real issue is the only company making true urethane is Brunswick. Storm and motiv advertise as urethane, but urethane doesn’t absorb oil. While the zen u, pitch black and the tanks absorb oil.

  2. I have the UC3! Out of box it’s a monster! But great on challenge and Sport patterns!

    This will be interesting to see how early it hooks, might be a little too much out of box!

  3. Cool tech bowling bowling ball roto grip Rubicon uc3 trax with nano technology in the bowling ball more strike hitting power at time

  4. I’d prefer it be reactive otherwise have no interest honestly I have enough urethane balls have uc3 pitch black og grey phantom purple hammer black widow pink urethane n fast pitch that I’m probably getting rid of so I can get zen u or carbide tank

  5. I thought the general consensus was that strong asym cores don’t pair well with stronger solid urethane covers because the core just stands up too fast and the ball burns up. That’s the reason I love my purple hammer and uc3 because it’s like the ball never quits churning. This would def be interesting to see. I just don’t see how they could make the cover stock any stronger and it still have really good continuation on the back end. But then again I’m sure the guys at SPI are a little more knowledgeable than I am 😂

    1. @Bowlers Rant I have it directly from a source overseas at a distributor it is urethane along with a new marvel u-nxt. But you know how it goes urethane, tour-thane, etc all getting blurry now. Just know urethane is huge overseas right now.

  6. So I have to ask… my pro shop guy told me you can’t throw any oversea bowling balls in any competition or league in the US. Is this true or false?

    1. Depend on the event. In general, all balls must be USBC approved. That means stateside, you can throw it in 90% of the leagues/tournaments out there. There might be some events that don’t allow it, check with the tournament director.

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