1. @Bowlers Rant saw it yeasterday on motiv site, but they take down now. they did a opsee. it looked red like jackal carnege with what looked to be sky raptor core in what think was new solid cover. i did not rember the cover name, but i barly looked at before it i left the site. but looks be the sky raptors solid brother

    1. Well, they just introduced the Journey, which has a Pearlized TX-16 cover with a Belmo core. Can’t wait to see that on the shelf also.

  1. Cool! 2 things. 1. A newer Hustle Hybrid would be what they are missing. I just rolled a 289 yesterday with the M-M. I can’t imagine how a Hybrid would be. and 2. A Pearl Summit? Pearlized TX-23 cover with the AI (Amplified Inertia) outer core??? I would be very excited to see this on a shelf at my local proshop. Thanks for the teaser Chris!

    1. The Hustle USA is still in current production so I doubt they’ll bring a second hustle hybrid to the current production line

  2. I have the black and blue hustle its a hybrid and its great, have them on bowlersmart for 119, might be the same ball, also I was going through the approved ball list and I thought I saw an Iq teal that looked like a hybrid! anyone else see that? thanks for the video as always, your content is great.

  3. Love my summit. Little to strong for my house shot in my area because of humidity and the love to play straight. Hopefully this comes state side

  4. summit pearl has the same kind of terrible name we get from international balls. here in Aus we got a gem hybrid slightly before the exotic gem. i’m sure a summit in pearl will happen but i hope they put in more effort than that.

  5. I’d be shocked if we see Code in NA again…just feel the series is done here.
    Crazy how much the Summit looks like a Wolverine 🤔

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