11 Comments on “USBC Approved Ball List Sept 2021! | New Storm Marvel???”

  1. I wish we could have started back at August, as we’d also see a new Black Widow Urethane on the list. Not sure if it will be overseas or not, as most urethane Widows are all overseas, as we’ve only had one released in the US.

    1. Swag’s market share is so small that they’re just irrelevant to talk about in a video like this. 99% of his viewers will not care about it. That has nothing to do with if they are bad balls or not. Although I would question why “some of the best balls on the market” can’t get the attention of serious bowlers…. 🤔

  2. I love how ABS and SWAG just gets utterly ignored 😂😂
    for those that like swag relax, even if they are decent balls they don’t have a market share worth talking about yet. Can’t say I’ve even seen a swag ball in person

    1. he did mention Swag. Swag and ABS are used more internationally. motiv is a company that’s known more for pretty graphics than anything else, LOL. some pros go into hibernation after joining that company, im not saying one is better than the other but i’ve tried both and each has decent balls to choose from, but at least i’m making a decision after throwing both and not just assuming things because i want to shill for one

    2. @Papa Poi never said they were bad, just irrelevantly small. ABS is definitely used more internationally, but I’m not aware of an international presence by swag.

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