1. From the photo, the RPM looks to be the same color violet as the 3D Offset re-release.

    Edit: The Buffalo looks almost sky blue for the filling.

  2. Swagg’s new target audience is the lowest common denominator among us, carnival workers, divorced men in their 50’s, and everyone from Florida who has got into a fist fight with an aligator.

    1. I staff by swag
      We are all bowler here can we just get along for the sport โค

    2. Seriously, why the hatred on Swag? They make great equipment. How about discussing positives rather than trying to bury a company? Very childish man.

    3. @Eric Floyhar
      I agree we have great equipment b/c we are new to the game donโ€™t hate

  3. โ€œHey, we need a logo design by today!โ€

    *finds BlowBrush font*

    โ€œHowโ€™s this?โ€

    โ€œNeeds something else.. hmmโ€

    *adds Buffalo and bewbz*

    โ€œPerfect. Ship it.โ€

  4. I’m pretty sure here that everything from BoB you are seeing are definitely heading overseas. If anything, the One Urethane may be the only one to be released in the states, but that’s a stretch, given how the One Remix has sold (I haven’t seen a single one thrown in NorCal).

    I also doubt we’ll get the Widows. the naming convention screams Japan and S. Korea. Plus I seriously doubt they’d release them in the US at the same time. Brunswick was looking when Ebonite released the Pursuit and Pursuit-S at the same time. Both didn’t do well in the US. But as they have the trend for doing that in, say, South Korea (they released the BW Platinum Black, BW Platinum Red, and BW Platinum Purple at the same time, all with good sales over there), that lends more weight to these all going overseas.

    1. Sup how you been doing
      But I agree white would be better or a dark blue

    1. I ran it by a few people and they saw the same thing. Iโ€™m definitely not reaching. There is also an urban dictionary item for โ€œBuffalo titsโ€ (excuse the language) you can lookup for yourself

  5. i would buy the Buffalo if it was white so i could whisper “great white buffalo” every time i throw it. (from hot tub time machine)

  6. Seismic bowling had their raging ball series with the full bull on them and the horn core. Those were some nice looking balls and they performed well.

  7. California bowling products are honestly among some of the worst Iโ€™ve thrown when it comes to performance of a bowling ball. All their balls are practically the same thing as far as coverstocks and cores just different colors and names on them. They are boat anchors and thatโ€™s putting it lightly. You bowl on any type of shot where thereโ€™s any kind of oil and they sail 60ft. As a company they need to improve on their products by offering a variety of options as far as true pearls not sanded pearls, hybrids and etc.

  8. I’m not exactly sure what kind of boobs you look at but I definitely don’t see that. I see a logo comprised of a mix between Overwatch or the Rock’s logo.

    Also, watched a dude shoot a 660+ yesterday at the Open championship. He was a SWAG bowler. No need to be so harsh against them. They make pretty good stuff.

  9. How long is Hammer going to keep making โ€œnewโ€ balls with the same frigginโ€™ core?? Do they even make anything OTHER than the gas mask, jeez?!

    1. Brunswick Melee Cores, Storm IQ Cores, Motiv Jackal Cores, Hammer Gas Mask cores. Everyone does it.

    2. @Bowlers Rant but hammer by far does it the most, in relation to how little other options they have. Storm, for example, has many many other cores to go along with the IQ stuff

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