1. Forge Ember is the newest Hybrid combines technology from two very different coverstock systems to deliver a new brand of motion the Ember will be useful for a longer window during competition.

    1. @LCarnate91 Motiv’s OOB laser finishes are about 1k higher than abralon and trucut? That’s news to me if true; can’t say I’ve ever noticed that.

  2. I can tell you right now, the Pivot will not be seeing anything here; it’s definitely going overseas. As we’ve noticed with EBI, they tend to keep their older branded pieces going overseas. They’re still producing the One series overseas! They won’t be bringing this to the US.

    As far as the BW Urethane Red, I’d also say no. We saw how well the BW Purple Pearl Urethane was overseas (both in Reynosa and Hopkinsville pours) that they had to release it from Reynosa for the S. Korean Market) before we got that one in, in the BW Pink Pearl Urethane. They just released the BW Urethane Black overseas, as well as a few non-Widow urethanes, all in Japan. The Solid will probably go to S. Korea, because we in the US would have people asking why they would put out another solid urethane they had the first BW Urethane out from Hopkinsville before the non-widow Purple Pearl Urethane came out. I won’t be surprised if this comes stateside, but I’m leaning on no.

    1. I kinda want to be the opposite. Pivot has always been global a thing and asian releases of it have been named as “drastic fusion”. I wish it’s going to be the Honor replacer, like the Impact tried to be

  3. Im waiting for the Storm Spectre Sappbire.. Hoping it comes stateside when they decide to announce it

  4. I definitely want more balls like the reality crumble. That radiant design with vibrant colors is my favorite because I love to see my high revolutions as I throw the ball.

  5. Most of these if not all will be overseas. Cant imagine after just having Bowl Expo that showcases all the Summer releases that they would come out with new stuff already. I really would not expect anything else until at least September or October.

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