21 Comments on “USBC APPROVALS: STORM ROTO 900 GLOBAL!!! | MAY 2022”

  1. i’m still hung up on the code master. was already looking for a dark code as my next ball. i love my proton so a code with a pearl NeX coverstock seems like the obvious choice. while i am overseas myself no idea if i’m the right kind of overseas to get access. the proshop guy reckons OS balls are usually a custom limited run and whatever is left over is offered to other markets.

    so unless the australian distributor buys the excess from what appears to be a japanese release i’m probably not getting one

  2. Nice work sir Infinite Physix and Zen Asura. Have two Zens pre ordered Zen Soul. Thanks buddy 🙂

  3. Rst x3 definitely coming to the US, they have made a few with weird names but the only rst balls to come stateside was the 1 and 2

  4. Luke said the overseas releases will still have that polish. USBC rules do not apply to overseas stuff.

  5. some pretty cool balls coming out! hoping to see that night road come state side, idol cosmos looks sick. Don’t really understand bringing another electrify but

  6. The RST X3 should release in the US because of the other two. My guess is that it is a hybrid because the original was solid and x2 was pearl.

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