1. Zen Solar = red/orange pearl with yellow inlay lettering
    Tough Reality = red/orange solid with yellow/orange inlay lettering

    1. @Bowlers Rant You’ve mentioned in the last that you’re somewhat colorblind, so no worries. You did ask us to help you out, as always.

  2. You actually had me look further at the ball approved list. I see a couple more Widows that were recently approved, including a Black Widow 2.0 Pearl, so we may see the Ghost getting retired. The other Widows are all looking like overseas balls, but we’ll see what happens come fall, as I’ve kept fairly distant from Bowl Expo and looking at the overseas market primarily.

  3. There is a Duty Solid overseas I believe? So this Pearl one might remain over there too. Not that I don’t wish for them here lol.

  4. Don’t know what all the drama about the original Wolverine was about. I love mine, and continue to throw it in league. I use compound on mine, and nobody will convince me it’s too soft. So I vote new Wolverine. My most recent purchase is a GB4 hybrid. And I am liking it.

  5. There’s been a few Dutys floating around, never seen one locally though, or even online. So im assuming its overseas proably in the Korea region

  6. Would love to see that zen solar stateside it looks like the red phaze that was overseas or that iq ruby that just came out. Dont think well get it cause we got zen gold label😢😢

  7. The 900G pieces are all Overseas balls. The Zen Solar color could be compared to the RotoGrip TNT, albeit a bit lighter in color.

  8. CB, notification is always on and I do hit the like button on every video you have on stateside balls, possibly.
    I’m interested in the Real one(I’ve always had great results with them since 2005
    The tuff reality I would layout @ 4-1/2×3-1/2×2-1/2
    The Zen solar is that a solid, CB ? Because my Zen is always in my bag, on my 2nd zen. For house shot league I take the Zen, I Q, and the RIP, or Cameo one

    1. Thank you bro, love this comment. I don’t know anything about the Solar yet, but if I see a video overseas, I’ll cover more on the story. Camo…..so good. Tomorrow I’m drilling an Absolute btw….no thumb. 😉

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