Urethane vs Short Pin Reactive On 33 Foot Cheetah!

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Today we are putting up that short pin reactive ball vs urethane on a Pba oil pattern! !q Tour Solid drilled 90×1.5×40 which is the short pin and !Q Tour 78 U drilled 30×3.5×30 which is the urethane ball. We are bowling on a 33 appt fresh Cheetah oil pattern!

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9 Comments on “Urethane vs Short Pin Reactive On 33 Foot Cheetah!”

  1. Basically if anyone still tries that short pin after this, they have do be dead on 100% accurate every shot no error.

    The urethane is still the goat on short patterns

  2. What about using the tour Dynam-X? The extremely low diff on that ball may have been a better choice for comparison.

  3. Good comparison! What would happen if the reactive IQ was sanded up to 3000-4000? Would it be closer to the urethane IQ other than the breakpoint shape?

  4. Hey patch pirate you keep missing left , and another piece of advice you gotta manipulate your hand to be more rolly to maximize the point of short pin especially with that short of a pattern. This is only educational for you , to learn how to manipulate your hand

  5. I think if the reactive had something like 2 or 3k might have actually been better. I have a ball that I have drilled pin in the palm and I use 3k on it and it reacts more like Urethane than my NU blue. Neither of them are Urethane obviously. The shortest I have used them on so far is 39ft so thats also a huge difference.

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