Urethane Vs Microcell! What’s The Difference?! On PBA Wolf Oil Pattern

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Whats going on my Youtube fam?!? Today we have the ultimate battle!! Urethane vs Microcell Polymer !! What do you think the differences are? A lot of people think our microcell is the same as urethane and that would be a HUGE mistake!! Let me know if you want to see more videos like this one in the future! Consider giving me a like a subscribe if you haven't already! As always stay MOTIVated !!

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44 Comments on “Urethane Vs Microcell! What’s The Difference?! On PBA Wolf Oil Pattern”

  1. It’s nice to actually see the difference between urethane and microcell. People call my Covert urethane all the time and it’s definitely not. I have all three microcell balls though I haven’t gotten to throw the Desert yet. All drilled the same, don’t really know the layout but the pin is up kicked out to the right. Love the microcell balls! So useful and reliable!

    1. Brian Wolf Yea people call my microcell balls urethane all the time and its pretty clear that they are completely different !

  2. I have a tank blitz and all I gotta say is woooow!!! I have a way better look with my blitz over my golden jackal .. I use my blitz on the fresh ths.. my local house is usually med- med heavy oil 15 at the arrows swing to the 5 down lane and shrapnel waiting for my desert tank to reach then I’ll throw it

    1. bigdaddy96726 you’re gonna love that desert ! I can’t say enough good things about our microcell balls

  3. Oh used ur left hand this time for ur into transition..bowling an 800 id be tryna ice that right arm 2

  4. I completely agree. I’ve never seen much success with urethane for the reasons you mentioned. But the microcell balls, I’ve had so much more room, control and consistency with the microcell balls.

    1. I have historically matched up well with urethane I can’t deny that and there are still situations where urethane is golden, but dam this microcell stuff is GOOOD!!!!

  5. I like them all MotivLou, a lot of great INFO but i had the Rampage it didn’t shape enough for me, but i’m liking all 3 of the others!!

    1. Yea I remember your Rampage ! I drilled it for you at Sams Town. I think you’d REALLY like the Tank Blitz ! I have two of them drilled !

  6. Hello, I wanted to know what you think about the motiv covert tank? Does it make sense to get the blitz, desert tank and the covert or just a blitz and desert tank?

    1. joseph keith JR Hi Joseph, so all three are incredibly different. The covert tank is just a little strong because of its core on Wolf. I didn’t match up very well with the Covert. For me the Desert is King Kong and the blitz is a very strong ball in the oil ! Hope this help you !

  7. I have the blitz and the desert tank, both are pin up over ring finger lefty, 70×4-1/2×30. Thank you for the great video. At our house on league I usually will start with the forge fire,Alpha is to strong, but or start with the Flight( Ghost & Alpha) too strong, So this is why I ordered the New jackal, then I bowl 2/3 game with blitz or desert tank. Thanks

  8. I still have a og tank and rebel but havent liked any of the new ones but i kind of want the blitz after this vid

    1. Carrydown has a lot to do with low-flaring cores as well, not just urethane. The Desert Tank has a really weak core, so if you drill a low-flaring layout on it, it could very well carry down oil like any other ball. It’s not just a urethane problem – it happens because of the ball rolling over the same oil rings over and over.

  9. Several initial positive reviews of the Tank Blitz convinced me to get one.
    Many of the reviewers said this was one of the strongest balls they ever threw.
    Early, heavy roll, continuous, yet urethane control.
    I have used urethane almost exclusively over the years and have owned pretty much every modern urethane ball made to date.
    I drilled my Blitz with Full Roller Leverage (I am a Classic Full Roller)
    This ball was over/under city! Worst ball reaction I have ever had. Ever. The ball would never grip in oil and gripped too hard in dry. No play area.
    Tried different grits on the ball from 1000 all the way up to 5000 and same thing.
    Additionally, the ball would not flare correctly, but tracked over and under my thumb.
    I know where my PAP is and we drilled it based on that, the core of this ball actually moved my PAP over an inch!
    I contacted Motiv, showed them video of the issues with the Blitz and they sent me a new one “free of charge” and asked me to try a different Full Roller layout that they recommended that would keep the ball’s core right side up. (Traditional Full Roller Leverage Layout turns the core upside down and counteracted the dynamics of the Blitz)
    The new ball had the same issues, extreme over/under. It flares properly and tracks correctly through the palm now, but it’s the coverstock that is over/under.
    It is a very, very weak coverstock actually and hates oil. If it even hits a little oil it just skates, but if it hits dry, it grabs so hard you get no length.
    This ball is simply not for low rev bowlers. Again, if the Blitz hits any oil it just skids. If it sees friction, it overreacts. It is the very epitome of Over/Under. Very poor ball for low rev bowlers on Wet/Dry conditions. I have two test videos up on my channel of two different Blitz’s with different layouts, both show the same extreme Over/Under reaction.
    Video 106 (Leverage layout) and Video 108 (Pin past PAP).
    I would classify the Blitz as a very weak resin ball that should be used on buffed or flatter patterns of low volume.
    If you have 300 plus revs then you can probably get the Blitz to work, but bowlers with that many revs can get pretty much anything to work.
    I have never gotten a ball before that was rated so high and was such a total dud as the Blitz has been for me.
    It took me awhile to figure out what was wrong with this design but eventually I understood what was going on.
    The slow oil absorption is the issue. Like a urethane ball, the first handful of throws with the Blitz will be super strong, then as it gets oil on it, it will weaken significantly, just like a urethane ball.
    So far so good. But unlike a urethane ball which will calm down and reach a state of equilibrium allowing a consistent response, the Blitz absorbs oil and will get strong again.
    But because the Blitz absorbs the oil so slowly, it can be weaker or stronger depending on how long you wait between shots.
    If you throw it right after it comes on the return, before the oil can soak in, it will be weaker, but if you wait a few minutes for your teammates to bowl and the oil soaks in, it will be significantly stronger. Because of this slow rate of oil absorption it is not possible to have a consistent shot or get lined up as sometimes it will go high on you and other times skate on you.
    Wiping the ball between shots did not help as the oil is in the pores of the ball and until it fully absorbs into the pores, the ball is lubricated. But once it finally full absorbs, then it is dry again and stronger. But slow oil absorption, like the Tank Blitz has, prevents any consistency unless you have a high enough rev rate to overcome the over/under characteristics inherent in the design.

    1. I always say that not everyone is going to match up with every ball that’s for sure. This is the first I’m hearing of it being a really weak cover though. One of my teammates has a very low rev rate (sub 270) and has no issue getting this ball in the oil and it hooking. But like I said not everyone is going to match up with every ball. As far as extreme over under, unfortunately I just don’t see that from the reaction I’m getting and others around me are getting. I recently posted a video comparing the Blitz with the Forge Flare with another staffer and we have zero issues with the Blitz as well

    2. @MotivLou I have been in contact with a few other Blitz users and we have come to the same conclusions about the problems with the ball and the issue with the slow absorption rate of the ball creating inconsistent reaction. As I said above, if you have a higher rev rate this characteristic can be overcome. You said your friend had a low rev rate, 270. That is not low by original standards. Modern power bowlers are 400 and above so that seems low, but bowlers of the past were 250 and below. I am a Classic Full Roller and my rev rate is around 130 rpms. But if you watch the videos of my throwing the ball, especially video 108, you will see how inconsistent the ball is and how it skids if I miss a touch left and overreacts if I miss a touch right. Also you will see that identical shots will react differently down lane because I waited different amounts of time between shots. By comparison, you can watch my Purple Hammer video 107 and see how amazingly consistent and strong the ball is, even in the oil. It just walks into the pocket time and time again. So in my opinion, having used virtually every urethane ball ever produced and over 30 different resin balls, The Blitz is unusable for me and others due to its inconsistency and slow oil absorption rate. I have also seen E.J. loose tournaments because of the Blitz changing its reaction on him mid game. Maybe the Desert Tank is better.

  10. I had the Rampage for a few years. For me, it was more of a urethane ball for drier oil. I felt like even though it shaped downlane like urethane, it didn’t pick up as early, which was good because the sport shots I normally bowled on didn’t have much volume at all, but when I got to some short WTBA patterns, it just went too long all day compared to the og tank.

  11. I have the Desert Tank. Drill Pin Down with light polish to it. I throw two handed and love it because I can play it 15 to 10 when my Fatal or Recoil are hooking alot and I can’t control.

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