18 Comments on “Urethane MEGA SHOOTOUT! – Purple Hammer vs Roto Grip Rubicon UC3 vs Motiv Purple Tank (1-handed)”

  1. From what I saw, I thought the Purple Hammer was overall better than the other two balls. I agree with your other metrics but the Purple Hammer had more versatility for different oil breakdowns and movement on the lanes.

  2. Thank you for this cool comparison!
    I think it is time to do the shoot out on a sport pattern that would normally be played with urethane.

    1. @TBSports I found someone that has a brand new one and he’s holding on to it for me until I get the money to buy it. I have the purple tank also. So, the two of them will be perfect for the short oil conditions.

  3. Awesome I wish there were more like this.. Comparing each ball / brand to give the avg guy who isn’t true to staff of one brand an idea of what each does before making a purchase. GOod stuff

  4. These balls are all so different that a bag could be made of all three. Should you for a house shot? No. Past couple weeks I’ve had to deal with urethane on house and it’s so frustrating.

  5. Thank you Tamer. Us lefties needed this. The comparisons did a world of good. Now I’m a recreational bowler so the chances of me seeing a sport shot are slim to none and this THS was perfect for myself. I basically grew up with urethane back in the 80’s so I have a soft spot for it. That being said the UC3 doesn’t seem like urethane to my eye and the purple hammer looked a lot like my old shined up Columbia Vector Two. This Hammer Black Widow urethane has me wondering how it would stack up against the UC3. Food for thought………..Thanks again this video helped so much.

  6. Nice! I have to be honest….I have never liked Urethane in the new age. It just never agreed with me, but closer to truth may be that I haven’t given it near the chance to grow on me, and probably the center I bowl at regularly may play a role too. BUT- I did just order the UC3 yesterday, because I believe if anything will warm me up to Urethane, its probably gonna be that LOL!

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