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23 Comments on “Urethane Is a MUST HAVE! #shorts #bowling #subscribe”

  1. Only if you bowl outside of league on more than 3 game blocks, don’t need people throwing urethane on fresh

    1. @Luis Napoles for the most part its unnecessary and 99% of league bowlers has this misconception that it destroys the pattern extremely quick. You drop a urethane on the rack and people look at you like you sacrifice children every other day as a hobby. Its just out of sheer respect to keep people happy and to have fun. Atleast that’s my experience in my area of houses.

    1. @Luis Napoles beg to differ. oil gets pushed down instead of being absorbed and lifted. the patterns become longer due to the carry down. and then when you finally make the move to reactive, balls dont read soon enough and hit high. urethane is a crutch ball for those who cant read a oil pattern

    2. Urethane haters, 2 handed haters, lefty haters. Man the bowling community has a lot of salt. No wonder the sport almost died

    3. @Megat Basyarullah I don’t hate 2 hands and lefties. But urethane ruins the lane conditions more than people really think.

  2. I rarely use urethane. However no urethane ball ever ruined the lanes. It will ruin a blocked pattern that artificially raises scores

  3. Pitch Black is my favorite Urethane Ball because it was my first ever Urethane Ball in my Game and Arsenal. I have 2 Pitch Blacks and a Zen U with me.

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