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  1. Getting a chance to watch you from behind Lou, the one thing I see about your backswing that seems like it is causing trouble and consistency issues is, you come back straight and proper, but on the way forward you move your arm way out to the right and then angle it back in towards your body, like a reverse loop. This results in either pulling the ball left if the angle is too steep coming back from the right, or you push it too far right if your arm stays out to the right. Ideally you want that back swing to come back perfectly straight and come forward perfectly straight in the same plane. If you fix your hitch your game will move to the next level for sure.

    1. somewhat correct, it’s not how you take it back but position of hand on top of ball at top of back swing and position of ball in relation to your head and a couple other things don’t want to give all my secrets away.

  2. His issues start before the backswing he has 4 main flaws and I have noted them to him before, but for now looks like he getting bad info or is trying to fix on his own and doesn’t know how. I can fix him in 2 lessons or less but it’s up to him to ask for help!!

    1. @Luis Napoles No Joke I’m really good at what I do don’t let my Helen B (wife’s email fool you) I currently have 25 happy students ranging from junior to senior, beginner and 220 avg. type bowlers. There are 10 positions all hall of famers get to, you are missing a couple early and the main 3 at the end. WE can easily fix the last 3, first couple will be a little tougher( but may not need to if the last 3 fix it first) I will give you first one free just expenses and lunch as I live in Socal. I’m available TUE,Fri,Sat or Sun early( at South Pointe closest to my home) and be prepared to work as first lesson will be around 3 hours. Oh and one last thing no Video as my secrets are my own.

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