Urethane Challenge! High Rev Rate vs Low Rev Rate Part Two!

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Chris and I are back for another 12 strike challenge! First to 12 strikes is the winner and this time we are both throwing the exact same 900 Global Zen U!

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49 Comments on “Urethane Challenge! High Rev Rate vs Low Rev Rate Part Two!”

    1. @Luis Napoles love watching your videos and content. It has really helped me understand how each ball is different from the next

  1. I just clobbered a ball return full of urethanes in a singles No-Tap tournament with my Venom Fatal… There was 6 of us on a set with 4 bowlers throwing urethane and they got smoked and of course they blamed the pattern 😂

    1. honestly pretty similar but the big difference that I am seeing is that the Zen U doesnt lane shine nearly as fast

  2. Great content Luis!!! I don’t know what your house shot is, but I’ve been averaging 222. The zen u is the new love of my life!!….lol

    1. @Luis Napoles i was lucky enough to get a pre release zen u. One thing i did notice with mine was after about 15 games it got smoother on the back end.

  3. What I loved most about this video Lou was it demonstrated how hard it is to score well with urethane.
    It requires a higher level of execution and consistency and it is vital to play it in the correct part of the lane with more closed down angles.
    This competition was really good because the player that executed best more often was the winner. Bad shots were always punished, no resin freebies.

    1. This exactly. And this is the problem that we have with all of the resin balls we have out there, and to be honest, all resin balls going back to 1992. Everyone wants to see a ball go so far right to left that they are so used to giving away the pocket and don’t know how to work a lane front to back. Nowadays, everyone is aiming so far down to the range finders at the end of the lane that they blow through their breakpoints in the soup or when using something that isn’t strong.

      With urethane, a bowler has to remember that they can get their ball into its roll by moving their target closer to them on the lane. While everyone is trying to give the pocket away and getting inconsistent with keeping the pocket controlled, someone could use urethane, close up the angles, move their target closer to them to get the ball to start up, consistently hit that target, have that smooth arcing angle, and have a jolly old time crushing the pocket while everyone else struggles.

    2. @Brad Littlejohn This is exactly what happened to me last night in doubles league. They put down and insane flood. Some kind of mistake with the oil machine. The other team did not show up so it was just me and my teammate. My teammate who has a 203 avg used his Reality. It never hooked no matter what he did. He shot 148, 145 and 124. I however, 195 avg, used my Black Widow Solid Urethane. I closed down all the angles, pointed at the head pin, aimed about 2 feet back of my normal target and rolled straight at it. Shot 180, 194 and 190.

    3. i actually shot some of my highest games with urethane it really takes accuracy and consistency to really shoot high games with urethane !!

    4. @Brad Littlejohn all good points, unless your crossing or following the 500 grit chuckfesters that can’t play a zone and just chuck it all over the lane, shot is trashed before game one ends and everyone can say what they want but it legit causes in-equity

    1. glad it helped I guess lol its looked amazing in every other video except this one haha I show all the shots regardless of outcome!

  4. This video perfectly sums up urethane for me. You have to make perfect shots and sometimes even when you do it doesn’t hit the pocket.

  5. Man……u guys make this ball look phenomenal…….I’m going to buy one tomorrow so I can strike 50% of the time too lmfaooooo

  6. I think the biggest takeaway from this is less about rev rate and more about speed. Chris is throwing it a fair bit faster, so his ball never sees the friction if he misses even slightly to the left. Luis had a lot more miss room, since it looked like the ball+conditions matched up with his game more. Even though Luis’s rev rate is lower, his ball is able to hook as much or more than Chris’s because of the speed. High rev rate + speed bowlers rely much more on finding traction in the mids, which this ball was not doing for Chris in these conditions.

  7. Hey Luis, I was bowling at Suncoast recently & a guy there thought I was you. Oddly, I’ve also been told I resemble Big Nasty Wes Malott. I don’t think we three look alike. Have you ever been mistaken for him?

  8. This video shows why the industry moved away from urethane years ago. For me, being straighter, shooting corner pins all night when I didn’t carry , sucked.

  9. Great Video Luis, ignore the haters in the comments, truthfully that reaction you guys were having is what I’ve experienced bowling local sweepers by the end of practice they start getting spotty , does this create some inequity at times? like if your having to navigate that urethane carry down with more hook in the front when say a few pairs down they aren’t following anyone using urethane or like maybe a lefty who’s not fighting any of that? just curious

  10. As always great video Luis!! I’m a huge fan of urethane and I throw it often. I always carry the pitch black, purple hammer and uc3 in my bag. Haters hate that I use urethane, but I never worry about what they say I just bowl. Again great video and looking good my good brother.

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