Updated Three Bowling Balls I Take To League Every Week And Progression!

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Here's my updated league arsenal! Since the last one featured the Storm Spectre I figured I would make one with the bowling balls that are still allowed!

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22 Comments on “Updated Three Bowling Balls I Take To League Every Week And Progression!”

  1. Is it possible to get by with just 4 bowling balls for tournaments. I know it came be for league. Back from 96-99 I only carried 4 balls, a Columbia Blue Dot, and 3 AMF NIGHTHAWKs, 1 dull drilled strong for long or heavy oil, 1 very shiny drilled weak to dry conditions, and 1 with 1000 grit drilled medium leverage this was my benchmark ball, I used it way more than the other 2. I average 220 just about everywhere I went. I was carrying 220 in a 60 game rotation in 15 different bowling centers.
    I was just wondering if it was possible for today’s conditions

  2. Luis, I have a video idea. Can you make us a video demonstrating what throwing the wrong ball on the wrong lane condition looks like? I know it’s hard to recreate that scenario though! If you could somehow make that happen it would be nice to see balls that are being bowled on less than ideal conditions and what you should look out for. We all know that we are looking for a ball that gives us the most amount of forgiveness for the type of condition, but it’s nice to actually see that in action. Also demonstrating why hooking the lane on a “strong” ball is wrong and why a “weak” ball playing straighter is also wrong. I know it’s not fun bowling wrong on purpose but it would make for an interesting video!! lol. Sam’s Town has so much friction, my goodness!

  3. Using almost the same balls right now. Reality, Axiom Pearl, and I switch between my IQ emerald and Hyroad Pearl

  4. Dumb question time. When shopping for a new ball and the ball specks say “Dry-Medium” does that relate to a pattern with a lot of dry or a lane with the oil used up? Is this something a novice should really be worried about? I’m currently throwing a Widow Ghost and Raw Hybrid but about to buy the Pink Widow. I’ve been throwing Hammer for so long I can’t seem to get away from them. Thanks for the info.

  5. My Brunswick solid asym is the Defender. I find it too strong for a THS. I only throw it occasionally. If I am throwing it watch out. This ball finishes incredibly strong thru the back end of the lane. But, like I said, I usually do not have enough oil. My goto, The Black and Blue. I stand a few boards left of the center. Try to be smooth as possible with my arm swing, release, and slide step. Minimal side turn with my wrist. I roll it over the second arrow out to the gutter and let it just scream back. All day long! I am very confident with this ball. Then, I have the Rhino solid. I can move 5 boards right on the approach and go straighter down the second arrow or between the first and second. Again, all day long. It just rolls so nice and just sits right in that pocket. I bought this ball for when I am open bowling and the lanes are drier. Or, when I am just getting bored throwing all these strikes with the black and blue. I start my league in June. I am locked in. Ready to dominate!

  6. Great video as always. Keep them coming. Right now i have a Gem, Zen, n spare ball. Bought both Gem and Zen on your videos and recommendations. I need one more to complete my arsenal. Any suggestions on what to get? Would really appreciate your feedback. Thanks again. 👍🏼

  7. Love your channel! Had a question and could really use the help. When leaving a ringing 10 pin would you move a board or 2 right or left on a house shot? Thanks for your help

    1. If it’s a ringing 10, it means the 6 pin is wrapping around the 10. This is caused by the 2 pin going backward too quickly, off the side of the 6, which is what shoots the 6 across the face of the 10. Meaning, you were light into the pocket, so move right. Or backwards on the approach.

    2. @Kenny Grinols thank yall so much for what you do in the bowling community!! Really appreciate your time and response!

  8. I was working on my 3 ball bag for league just yesterday as a matter of fact. My rough draft would be nova, zen, and an iq tour solid

  9. When I bow in the league I take these 3 balls every time !Q Tour solid and zen and HyRoad pearl

  10. My 3 ball bag is a hyroad pearl, zen and plastic🙌🏾🙌🏾 been lookin for an asym solid but dont know which one to cop

  11. Reality, zen master, rst x-1, zen for me. Summer will be a lot different due to less oil

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