1. Yep after seeing Belmo throwing the Journey I knew the fate is getting discontinued soon. Looking forward to seeing the reviews for it!

  2. This one isn’t too bad and kinda “make sense”. Definitely hope 900G has a few more releases on the way.
    I am still shocked the Fate wasn’t more popular. Everything at launch showed a real winner but I’ve rarely seen them in use.

    1. Well, the fact that the Journey is now available in about a month, no shocker that the Fate got pulled. Usually Storm drops a belmo ball when a new one comes out

    2. I think the high price limited sales of the Fate. I was interested in it, but just couldn’t justify the price.

    3. @Tyler Hernandez that part makes perfect sense. Just with the shape/hype at release…I just didn’t see many of them out in play. But that could be said for a number of releases lol

  3. Does this mean these balls were hated/ poor sellers? im at the beginner level and im trying to build a 4 ball Arisnal and im wanting to know where the phaze 5 would fit? right now all i have is Hy-road pearl i need 2 more balls to fill out

  4. I have the 5 , it’s a great step down from the 2 , but by the time this one is worn out I’m sure there will be a decent replacement available. Love the videos – keep em coming !

    1. its been a weird time to get into bowling for me like why get ANY ball when you can wait 2 more weeks for a ball they claim as BETTER and MORE ADVANCED

  5. They can make a SNL skit about the amount of bowling balls that come and go and every few weeks pros do demos and say this is the best ball ever made. It’s very clean and it’s able to get through the heads and reads the mid lane while still being able to jump off the spot and continue through the pocket.

  6. SO glad to hear that someone else loved the phaze 4. I still use it in league all the time. Kind of surprised with the phaze 5 being discontinued.

    1. It may seem surprising, but the IQ Ruby has been the best seller and a lot of people compare the two together when making a decision since they both have R2S Pearl. That’s not even factoring in the shelf appeal purchases

  7. Someone in my league throws a Phaze V. It works well on the house shot. A few also use Phaze III, which also works well. The most popular of the Phazes is the II though. It works VERY well. I hope it doesn’t get discontinued.

  8. Zen u is what I would pick up and alpha crux is still a sought after ball by a lot of people I still want one but I canโ€™t see paying 400 dollars for a ball and then drill it my Astro physix cracked last year really want another one

  9. Absolutely love my Fate, enjoy my Zen U and didn’t at all like the Phaze 5. Ik at my shop we don’t sell many Zen U or Phaze 5 so I’m not suprised they discontinued them.

  10. I only ever got to throw my Dadโ€™s Fate. I was waiting to get one drilled up for myself. Guess it was โ€œfateโ€ that Iโ€™d have to wait for the next Belmo ball ๐Ÿคฃ

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