8 Comments on “Understanding The Numbers Impacting Ball Motion – #RadicalRundown”

  1. Im upset that i missed the live show but i have a question i have c300 top speed and it rolls over thumb at the end of the patter is this a bad thing if so what can I do to fix it

    1. I dill my thumb offset a lot . My ball does the same somewhat. It’s not ideal. I sand the thumb hole edge so it doesn’t thump on the lane. Not much I can do but come up the back more but if it rolls ok then your probably ok. Again not ideal but not many options available

  2. Hi guys! Sorry I missed the live version. I have a question I am hoping you can answer. My specs 14.5 to low 15s off hand. My track is closer to high than low. Revs about 325. I bowl in a wood house. Oil gone after 1st game. I want a ball that will go long and not over react to friction. Using OG Trailblazer short pin on first ball. Need second ball after oil is gone from heads. Help! Thanks 😊

  3. I didn’t learn skid, hook, roll in physics when studying precession. Whats causing the ball to “skid” on a lane, low friction or presence of oil. Whats the force causing the ball to “hook”, more friction, the presence of less oil. Whats the force causing the ball to “roll”, more friction, the presence of no/low oil. What are the attributes a bowler puts on a bowling ball to increase and decrease friction. Rev rate, speed, loft, rotation, tilt. What are all bowlers wanting to achieve, smooth PRECESSION.

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