Ultimate Venom Comparison | All Current Motiv Venoms

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The Motiv Venom line is one of the most popular and BEST lines in all of bowling! We currently have 4 Venoms in the current Ball Chart. Venom Recoil Venom Shock and Fatal Venom! These three bowling balls are staples in just about any arsenal I can think of!

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43 Comments on “Ultimate Venom Comparison | All Current Motiv Venoms”

  1. Great video. And it was awesome getting to meet you at south point. Keep up the vids and I’ll keep watching

  2. I have a fatal venom. Just started bowling 20 weeks ago and threw my first 600 series. Definitely going to get a shock as well

  3. Great video.. always enjoy them. Its officially, the Shock has taken the benchmark spot from the Villain. I will used the Villain for tournament use that will give me that asymmetrical ball.

  4. i love both my shock and fatal! love the comparison vids. just my two cents.. sometimes it got hard to follow when you talked about one ball and another was being thrown on the lane. might just be me tho πŸ˜›

  5. I have the Venom Shock, Cobra and VSP, and all three of them roll differently. You’re right, I could even put those three balls in one bag and have three different shapes.

  6. “Lou” – “Your The Man”!
    Great Video (as always) on the Motiv Venom Line.
    This bowling season, will be the first time I’ll be rolling one of the Venoms (the Shock) once bowling opens up again here in California.
    You know that I love my Motiv Jackals, & I’m waiting for the delivery of the new Jackal Legacy to my home any day now, & I will love to add the Venom Shock to my league & tournament bag.
    Keep up the good work & dropping the bowling knowledge to us bowlers that learn from your videos bro.

  7. i got my fatal venom and after a week and 3 practices… I love it, the first night I used it i was still getting used to it, but i used it yesterday during practice(Hs school team) and our coach put down chameleon for us to have fun and I got a 163 which is really cool

  8. Everyday it’s a battle between my recommendations and your videos trying to get me to but a venom shock lol keep up the great vids man

  9. For me, the Recoil has replaced the Shock in my bag. Its the shock on steroids and I love it. The recoil is such an amazing ball and so underrated because there is so much hype for the Shock. And especially for the price point, I dont think you can find a better ball on the market. I love my shock, but I love my recoil more. My best 1-2 punch is Recoil and Ripcord

  10. I have a shock and a fatle and I’m getting a recoil so I’m building a venom trifecta so excited 😊😊

  11. Why is the Venom Cobra not included in this video? Because i really think it should, because it’s very different compared to these other 3

  12. I just had my new Fatal Venom drilled and the ball is amazing. Power is hard hitting and smooth. I love it !

  13. I have a venom recoil and a venom shock. The recoil is very good but there is not many balls that can compare to the shock..

  14. Great video, I have always said my Venom Shock was the best ball I have ever owned. I just got a Fatal Venom and immediately loved it. However, I have a new layout, and it makes me want to go get another Venom Shock!!!

  15. “you can almost build an arsenal with all Venoms.”
    That’s my goal! Recently got myself back into bowling and the first ball I bought was the Venom Shock after watching your review on it, and I just picked up the fatal venom! Thank you for the vids and for inspiring me to commit to Motiv!

    1. @MotivLou well, tonight I threw the fatal for the first time, and averaged 170. For a first attempt at a pearl ball I’d say that’s a success for me!

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