Ultimate Jackal Comparison | All Current Motiv Jackals

The Motiv Jackal line is one of the most popular and BEST lines in all of bowling! We currently have 4 Jackals in the current Ball Chart Jackal Legacy, Alpha Jackal, Jackal Ghost and Jackal Flash! All share the Predator V2 core but all different covers!! If you've never tried a Jackal you're def missing out!!!

Bowling Stuffs
Jackal Legacy-
Desert Tank-
Venom Shock-
Fatal Venom-
Forge Fire-
Forge Flare-
Jackal Flash-
SST 6 Boa-
3 Ball Roller-
3 Ball Tote-
2 Ball Tote-
Power Gel Polish-
Amplify Cleaner-
CTD Trucut Pads-

My Gear
Apple Watch-
Ring Light-
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43 Comments on “Ultimate Jackal Comparison | All Current Motiv Jackals”

    1. @MotivLou oh definitely. The flash is the very first pearl I’ve ever owned cause I’ve never really liked the smoothness of them but it’s so much more angular for me. Easily my favorite ball of all time.

  1. Thank u for posting, I current have the jackal rising, jackal flash, and alpha jackal. Wondering how they all compare .

    1. No idea I haven’t got them yet BUT I’m a huge fan of urethane and I’m seeing some good stuff outa this ball

  2. Thanks for the video. Well done. Any chance you could do a “best” options for dry/burned lanes video? I assume you’d lean towards desert tank, but would cool to see that vs thrill and vs fatal venom on dry lanes. Keep up the great work.

    1. Dry lanes I’d prob lean towards the Fatal and Thrill more. I don’t love the desert on super dry lanes it’s too early I definitely need some head oil

  3. Another great video I got the Jackal Le,Jackal Rising,Golden Jackal,Jackal Ghost,Alpha Jackal love to see a video with all the Jackals that are legal

    1. I only keep around the balls that are current. Otherwise I’d have WAY to many balls laying around lol it’s already hard enough deciding what to throw lol

    2. @MotivLou I put my revolt 20/20 to 4,000 grit like you suggested now it hits a lot harder the only problem is it’s either strike or a big split need to practice a little more with it

  4. Awesome comparison video, Luis! The ball path lines at the end really show the difference in ball motion! Keep up the great work!

  5. I have the alpha jackal, jackal flash and trident nemesis. I’ve been trying to figure out what surface to put on the alpha… I think I went with too much surface. I like the flash and love the nemesis.

  6. I have a Motiv Rip Cord as my benchmark ball and just bought a Jackal Legacy for heavier conditions. Both are great balls and I have shot very well with them. Great videos love the content

  7. I’ve thrown every Jackal in the in since the Original, the legacy reminds me so much of that Original now Banned Jackal. Ghost is my all time favorite ball, the legacy may creep into that top spot. My order Ghost, legacy, Flash, Alpha. Currently start with my legacy and ball down to the flash in league.

  8. I’m debating on getting the Jackal flash, that does look like a decent ball. Of all the movtiv balls I thinned it down to that one. I could see that being a good game two ball, and I like how it snaps hard without stopping, controllability with peral balls were my issues, my old perals when I used to bowl were so skid/flip I’d stand on 25 and bowl on 10 and lob it as hard as I could to get it to score, so smooth but doesn’t ride off into the sunset is what I want from perals. Perals done right.

  9. These are absolutely beautiful bowling balls and i can most definitely see having at least 3 of these with me in a tournament

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