UC3 vs New Purple hammer | Full review with 2 cameras

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13 Comments on “UC3 vs New Purple hammer | Full review with 2 cameras”

  1. Ive been looking into the Pyramid Pathogen Plague black urethane. Im not a very good bowler so I feel like these stronger urethanes would be too much. Thoughts on the Pathogen plague for a novice bowler?

    1. That was the first new ball that I bought. Its definitely a stronger solid urethane compared to the Black Hammer. I feel like it fits right with the Pitch black in overall hook and back end. The pathogen plague loves heaver oil patterns when the lane starts to dry out too much it starts up too soon and rolls out before it can cover too many boards.

      For a beginner its a great ball. If you’re looking for a great ball for league at the same lower price point id lean more towards the green pathogen or the green/orange pathogen x2. Same core and around around the same overall board coverage but with a reactive coverstock which works a bit better on the typical league patterns.

      If you want a smoother motion with the Reactive balls like the green Pathogen you can always sand it down with a 1000 or 2000 grit pad and it hook pretty similar to the Black pathogen plague.

  2. My Pro Shop operator told me to hit my Purple Hammer with a 500 pad before each session, do you agree? Do you do anything to the surface of your Purple Hammer?

    1. That depends on what you want your purple hammer to do. If you want it to be early and smoother? Keep 500 grit on it. Want it to go a little longer? Either use a higher grit pad or let it lane shine. Mine has barely shined at all after quite a few games though.

  3. Just got the uc3 and it’s a monster. I know it’s part pearl but I think urethane dominates the ball as even left for 10min the oil still remains on top

  4. I have both balls and both stay in my bag. The UC3 is a monster, I can just keep moving left and it keeps striking.

  5. I’m starting to see this UC3 show up on house shots a lot, but I’m not sure how I feel about that yet… Such a unique piece though, looks great, rolls great.

  6. Have seen the UC3 in action for over a month now and it’s ridiculous.

    Mr. Raymond, do you feel it would be a better comparison to use the UC3 with, example, the BW Purple Urethane (if you have one/can get one), since they’re both asym urethane balls? Not dissuading from this comparison at all, because it’s quite good.

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