Two Handed Lou?! #bowling #subscribe #shorts #twohandedbowling

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43 Comments on “Two Handed Lou?! #bowling #subscribe #shorts #twohandedbowling”

  1. Make the switch. You know you want to haha. Honestly though not everyone can just do that but your form was great so you probably could.

  2. It works but a little more practice. Once you get the full energy transfer you’ll be dangerous

  3. Maybe I should give this a try. I could go back to 15lb balls or have a lot more rpm @ 14lbs!πŸ€”

  4. Anybody can strike like that lol πŸ˜†. You put those PJs back on and you could compete with Kyle Troop! Lol all in fun man. 😊

    1. ​@Luis Napoles it looked sweet, for what I’m guessing u haven’t bowled 2 handed much

  5. if you go through with the two handed style, do you have tips for generating more power two handed? I’ve been doing two handed thumb less for about a year and a half. average has gone up significantly, rpms are up too, but I can’t seem to get past the mid 13 low 14 mph range.

  6. Stay one handed dont switch if your doing really good right now dont fix somthing that is not broken

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