Two Best Symmetrical Pearls?! Storm Fate & 900 Global Zen!

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The 900 Global Zen is probably the best symmetrical pearl that we have! So how does it compare to the all new Storm Fate?!

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53 Comments on “Two Best Symmetrical Pearls?! Storm Fate & 900 Global Zen!”

    1. @Luis Napoles Is there a rule about using balls before they release? I had a Karen at league try to tell me my scores were voided using an unreleased ball… I told em to pound sand and it’s already usbc approved, but couldn’t find any real evidence online either.

    2. @Jay Whey Gotta love Karens. I would also have told them to “pound sand” but I wouldn’t have been as nice about it

    3. @Ian Honeycutt That wasn’t exactly what I said, but to remain family friendly for Luis’ sake, that’s what I’ll say. šŸ˜‚

    1. The layout is only a small part of the equation there’s also surface which is the biggest factor in ball motion

  1. Luis

    I currently have the zen and hustle camo and love both for league. Iā€™m looking for a third ball. I was thinking of the reality check or possibly the the fate. What do you recommend based on what I have?

    Also thinking about the Wolverine dark moss for a fourth or fifth ball in the arsenal

    1. @bob west neither have I….I held out getting it for so long! My PSO kept telling me I need one because none of my Motiv equipment was hooking enough to reach the pocket. He drilled my dark code pin up and hit it with 1000…I’ve been avg 220 ever since! Works on any pattern. Very consistent. Not too strong not weak…it’s hard to explain. It just works. Everyone I’ve met that has 1 loves it.

    2. @bob west PSO had me hit it after 9 games. You may not have to…our league just added tons of oil this season

  2. Just an observation. Chris mentioned keeping his shoulders open. His left arm is just hanging during the approach then goes into a balanced position at release. Would recomend the left arm pointing forward during the approach to open the shoulders and be balanced with the high right armswing. Love the video and how different these two balls are.

  3. Get early access to my Fate tomorrow. We’ll see if it is the GOAT ball like I’ve been saying for the past few weeks. Good thing it’s not a Zen because it has potential

  4. I have a tropical surge and I was looking to get a new ball and not sure what I want. These two balls are definitely ones Iā€™m looking into. Amazing video btw.

  5. At 2:14 to 2:22 I was very surprised how you threw the zen that far right and it came back towards the pocket

  6. I just returned back to bowling after 7 8 years picked up the zen it was ok at first. Then took it and got it bought back to box and it is amazing!

  7. Fate has a stronger cover than the Zen, no? I thought S77 was about the equivalent of R3S in the storm line compared to ReX on the fate is a drastic difference

  8. Hi Luis, i know that depends on your style but if you have to choose 2 balls to include in your arsenal , which ball you choose between zen , Fate and hy road ??? Thanks

  9. I honestly need this. I unknowingly had two asymmetrical bowling balls, the Gem and Eternity. How much do those go for nowadays.

  10. Aloha LN…Thinking replacing my daughters pink purple electrify pearl with a zen pearl….she has a nova and a tropical surge plus a spare ball. I love my Zen! Other options include the fate…iq ruby…and revenant. She is med speed and med rev rate. Not enough axis rotation to play too much left to right…thoughts on those options for her middle.of the bag ball?

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