Trying To Strike Without Hooking The Ball Is HARD!!

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Chris and I try and see if hooking the ball is easier than throwing it straight! wow was this hard to do LOL

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39 Comments on “Trying To Strike Without Hooking The Ball Is HARD!!”

  1. For me on old wood it is easier as long as I point at the 2 pin I know I can hit the pocket. Plus I am bowling in the jackpot classic at the Orleans this Tuesday and am excited because I flew in Saturday and love vegas

    1. @Luis Napoles I bowl tomorrow in the 9 pin no tap at the Orleans . Thanks I will and when I practiced last night I found out urethane works for me.

  2. I took a bowling class in community college, and there were a lot of rec bowlers in there. The coach told them, put your left foot on the dot to right of the center dot, walk straight to the lane, and throw it at 2nd arrow. It actually worked pretty well.

  3. With both of you being right handed I was surprised you didn’t aim for the 1 – 3 pocket, thus heading toward the 5 pin and 8 – 9 pins. Going straight the ball would have deflected and probably not split the 8 – 9 pins but would still have given you a better chance of striking.

  4. Line up on the right gutter and throw straight angle to the head pin. Percentage will go up.

  5. I’ve seen some really good recreational straight bowlers at my ally… involes more than just throwing it straight and hard as possible…but without a doubt hooking is far more effective.

  6. I was hoping for foot on 40 or 1 and taking the max angle into the headpin like a beginning high school bowler.

  7. One of my leagues is a house ball league. Everyone on that league with the exception of me and one other player throws house balls right up the middle.
    My two teammates are extremely good at this. They both use 10 lb house balls that are as shiny as possible. The goal is slow to medium speed and get the ball to deflect off the head pin and run the rail on the side it hits. The results are amazing. Strike or 9 on any good shot, guaranteed. Pins just shoot all over the place! The key is the light ball. Must be 10 lbs to get the effects of deflection down the rail.
    Another story on this. A very good left handed bowler in one of my leagues, years ago became so disenchanted with the game of bowling that he quit. Threw all his balls away in disgust.
    Then months later he shows up with a single bag and single ball. A 10 lb plastic ball. I asked him what he had been doing and he explained he perfected the art of throwing a 10 lb plastic ball up the middle. He even wrote book on how to do it and gave me a copy of the book! He then bowled leagues and tournaments like this. He was winning all the No Tap tournaments!
    People hated him for doing this, telling him to stop that and bowl right. He told me, “I can take one 10 lb plastic ball and travel the world bowling on any pattern and average 185.”
    So not only could he throw that ball up the middle with pin point accuracy, he also was a very good bowler who could pick up all his spares.
    So next time you try this challenge Lou, do it right, use 10 lb house balls and keep the speed slow to medium and I think you will be amazed.
    “The right tool for the job” as you always say. 😉

  8. You should try a competition but with house balls.
    That would be interesting, see what you can do with regular balls that do not fit perfectly for you.

    1. @Luis Napoles please try it, show the audience that do not have the opportunity tu buy a benchmark ball what can professionals can do with regular house balls, it can be a very interesting video tu watch and for you a different challenge.

  9. I just went bowling at a family fun center yesterday and threw a house ball for the first time in a long time. Didn’t strike until the 10th, but struck out the frame….for 132. 😂 I was also trying to throw it 2-handed and one-hand no thumb some though.😅

  10. Louis, another great video. Why Walter Ray Williams Jr. won so many PBA Tournaments rolling the ball straight ? He used Angle and lots of Revolutions. I also believe Parker Bonn 111rd won a lot of Tournaments using the 5 board. Paul

  11. I’m sure that if both of you had used spare balls, you would have had an easier to go straighter. After all, the beginners you mentioned are using plastic house balls. Also, as you both stayed at the end of the vid, fingertip grips are for hooking, another reason you both had issues trying to straight.

    I use a Motiv Laser Sniper as my spare ball. It’s drilled conventionally with no finger inserts, and easily goes straight.

    1. @Luis Napoles lol
      and Oy! Is Norm Duke available for “how to kill the ball” lessons??!! Thanks for this fun vid, which makes the point that even when new bowlers learn how to hook a fingertip ball, they shouldn’t “throw the baby out with the bath water”, as the saying goes, in terms of forgetting how they used to roll the ball straight!

  12. It is tough throwing straight when you don’t do it. Definitely need to practice it because it comes in handy on difficult patterns. Hardest part is changing wrist position.

    1. That’s where I feel like this comparison is a bit flawed, because all the pros who throw it more or less straight, like Norm Duke, they don’t teach you to try and throw it 25 or 30 mph and with insane rev rates. That approach actually hurts you, which is why I’m not surprised Chris didn’t roll a single strike in his attempts. Throwing it straight requires you to close your body and not have an open stance like you would if you were trying to hook it. It also benefits you to have a much softer release not trying to put a ton of revs or speed on the ball. Essentially, you want to ball to kind of float or glide down the lane. If you don’t throw it straight very often, it’s definitely hard to switch off and try to do it successfully. It’s like if I tried to bowl with a ton of hook, I would be awful at it, because my natural game is to bowl it more or less straight with a much softer release and I only average about 14 MPH on the release. I honestly wish I could throw it like Chris with that crazy rev rate and ball speed, but it’s not my natural style to do that, especially having bowled straight with a conventional grip since I started out in the early 2000’s.

  13. I’m more of a recreational bowler but I took my conventionally drilled eternity out today and rolled a 193 in my final game finishing with 4 straight strikes in a row. I wouldn’t say I put a ton of hook on the ball, so it is possible to do very well despite minimal hook. I’ve tried the fingertip grips in the past, but I hated how it felt in my hand, so I went back to conventional.

  14. Hi Luis how are you? I just got my first ball several weeks ago. I got the IQ tour solid and that’s what I told my pro shop guy and he is a former professional bowler named Frankie may hit my goal was to throw the ball straight because I didn’t want a strong hook. I am willing to learn, but when I try to hook the ball either it does not hook or when I put too much effort into it. It goes the other way I do not have the best motor skills do I try to use the shaking hands technique, but my form my mistake is when I either go in the gutter or don’t get as many pins I usually go to far to the right of them lined up all the way to the left, knowing that I tend to go right is there anything that you recommend tell me with my technique? Thank you.

  15. Yeah Lu definitely doesn’t throw it straight. Gotta be more end over end. The swirls on the ball give it away

  16. Man. I’ve been bowling yesterday and didn’t notice, that we had 87.8°F here in Germany😂
    It’s getting hot again isn’t it? I wonder how hot it is in Vegas now😁🥵
    (And that sound at 6:52 lmao😂😂😂)

  17. This is exactly the reason why house shot bowlers hook at their spares. Throwing or attempting to throw it straight shows us just how inaccurate we really are. I’ve semi transitioned to throwing straight at spares (some I’m not comfortable shooting straight) and while I definitely seen my spare % drop and scores drop for a time, it has definitely made me a better bowler and I am now carrying an average 15 pins higher than last year. Highest average I’ve successfully carried during a summer league (12 weeks).

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