26 Comments on “Trying JoPo Interchangeable Thumb for the first time! Livestream!”

  1. Try a radical the spy plastic bowlling ball its a great bowlling ball love my radical the spy plastic bowlling ball a bowling ball that hook Luis try the Radical the spy plastic bowlling ball out

    1. I needed one the other day, I’m a no thumb on hander speed average of beteween 17-18mph. Lanes were so dry anything else I’d be in the left gutter go out to right gutter and back to the left gutter hit no pins. Absolutely no oil at all. I have a Spy and a Pyramid Pathogen Blue Dot sanded to different grit levels, it saved the day. lol

      The Black Widow Viz A Ball is a good option too. Though a bit more expensive than the other two. Looks good though.

    2. @ShadowDestroyers yeah hammer black widow viz a ball good too and radical the spy ball good too the only plastic bowlling ball I’m using now is radical the spy hook bowling ball ok

  2. Make it happen!

    I’ve been eyeing the JoPo setup. Looks really secure. Looks like the only issue would be getting PSO’s to use them.

  3. Jopo grips are great. I’ve been using them since they came out. The current version is so much better than the first one. Stronger locking tabs on the inner. Twist from anywhere for the outer.
    First version the locking tabs were weaker and prone to breaking. The outer you had to start the back of the thumb at 6 o’clock.

  4. If the sun storm doesn’t hook at the spares on the left side have you thought about moving feet more to the left and moving your mark

  5. Do you think the zen would be a good ball to start the night on a house pattern for low rev and slow speed bowler

  6. I started using JoPo about two months ago and absolutely love them. I have 8 balls set with them and 3 inners.

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