Trend 2 | 6 Ways

✔️0:00 Intro
✔️0:11 Chayton Petersen
✔️0:37 Brooke Carroll
✔️1:04 Alex Hoskins
✔️1:32 Hank Boomershine
✔️2:00 Chad McLean
✔️2:30 Steve Kloempken

Find out more about the Trend 2 here:

11 Comments on “Trend 2 | 6 Ways”

  1. Not trying to hate or anything, because I think it looks good… but, its motion just doesn’t look different enough from what the old Trend had. Looks almost identical. I know this ball has a tweaked core and different cover, but this video doesn’t seem to be showing it well. Appreciate the 6 ways though—love that y’all do it. 👍🏻

  2. Hi

    I had a question:

    When a ball like the Black Colored Dark Code, had a two or three color Cover, would it than Look like the same Roll as when he had only the Black color.

    I mean that all one color Balls Look like they roll round,
    and all more color Balls Look like they go long and snappy.

    I hope you understand what i mean.

    Alex from germany

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