Track Kinetic Platinum | Full uncut review with commentary

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16 Comments on “Track Kinetic Platinum | Full uncut review with commentary”

  1. This doesn’t even look like same ball compared to other people who’ve reviewed. Really strange. This ball is super responsive and really angular. But here it just doesn’t wanna go. Idk why.

    1. Exactly why the best review on bowling balls are when you throw it yourself. Until them, watching reviews don’t tell you much.

    2. Its simply due to the surface. its such a high friction surface that it smooths out everything except for really really low end bowling balls. But even then those could be a little strange because of the volume.

  2. Completely different ball on this review compared to other reviews on this ball. Less reaction by far here in this review. Don’t make sense.

  3. Not related to the Kinetic Platinum but that Jackal Legacy in the ground has a really nice pour.

  4. 55×5 1/4×55 – It needs friction to start up but mine rolls forward, not sideways , and punches out pins. 1st ball in a while I’ve been able to use all 3 games in league and shoot well.

  5. Jr I have a question I seem to grip my ball with my thumb the entire way through probably cuz I feel the ball will fall off my hand the thumb is drilled fine but I still seem worried about it falling what do u suggest to change that so I don’t grip it thank you

    1. I’ve had that issue for a while… I had someone tell me the thumb whole was too loose. I added 3 pieces of vise yellow tape to the front and it’s helped me tremendously

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