11 Comments on “TRACK | KINETIC COBALT * TUNDRA FIRE | HK22 Hybrid & Pearl added to the line-up!!!”

  1. Tundra Fire is the one I’m interested in. Reminds me a lot of the old AMF Firehawk, and the even older Champions Warhawk…. both on my all time favorites list.

  2. The shots Mitch was throwing were on a burnt league condition. Later in the same video, he throws on fresh and is MUCH straighter. I had the Tundra and it was very long and very smooth. I’m betting the fire will also be very long but with a slightly more aggressive downlane motion

  3. Both those look very good, especially for where I bowl because there’s oil, but it’s frictionony, so the shot likes medium balls…so that hybrid looks like you could probably use it all series and the Tundra, even though weaker, that core makes it look very controllable because weak/angular can be too violent on my 5 person league and the lanes get coiffed sometimes.
    Kinetic 55×4.5×35
    Tundra 60x4x30

  4. Looking forward to drilling a Tundra Fire to compliment my Tundra. Due to slow ball speed, the Tundra is the strongest ball I carry, drilled with the pin on my pap. Going to drill the Fire the same to be the go to when my original gets going too early

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