Track Bowling | Legion Solid (2022)

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The Track Bowling Legion Solid is not a remake of the original Legion but an improvement on one of Track's most requested releases. The Legion Solid features the same proven LT-2 core found in previous releases but with a solid version of our Prime Response Solid cover used in our Proof line. The updated cover gives the Legion Solid the same mid-lane reaction as the original, with an extra kick down the lane.

The Specs:

RG 2.500
DIFF 0.046
INT 0.011

500/2000 SiaAir MicroPad finish

The Legion Solid is available starting 10.21.2022.

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6 Comments on “Track Bowling | Legion Solid (2022)”

  1. The Track Stealth is probably the most versatile bowling ball I’ve ever thrown. For the person who bowls league, and only wants 1 or 2 balls, I would recommend the Legion Solid. If it’s a two-ball bag for you, these are the two to get. Leagues that reoil before each session with likely never transition enough to require anything else, especially if bowlers are throwing multiple lines. Yeah, if you bowl with high-rev semi-pros, you will want either of those two balls (or both of them) as well as a burn-up ball. It would be hard to beat the Track Kinetic Black Ice in that role. People ask why Track produces so few products. The reason is that each one fills a specific spot in the bag, and they are reliable in their response to speed, hand, and lane changes. Way to go, Track Bowling!

  2. My current PSO has the Ebonite blu print/ bowler ID system, they stopped being updated 3 years ago but he still like it to show bowlers different layouts etc. His finger grip with the chip is broken, where can he get a new one ?
    I think you will know ?

  3. Cool video talk tech bowling bowling ball track legion soild with dynamic core technology in the bowling ball more strike and spare hitting power at time

  4. The stealth is my favorite ball ever. I’ve been dying to find a comparable transition ball. Maybe I missed it, but when does this ball release. I have to get it immediately!

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