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Track’s history in bowling as the innovative company, revolutionizing core designs and performance goes way back to the beginning of dynamic core designs and new cover materials. A runaway hit during the early 90's when Track pros seemingly dominated the PBA telecasts was the Synergy, driven by an innovative core design.

We’re excited to bring back the Synergy core design, which was updated for today’s environment and is in a new series called Cypher. The R&D team broke the code with the new Cypher and developed the next phase of benchmark ball reaction for Track. The higher RG and strong differential numbers perfectly match the MR-8 Solid cover in the HK22 base.

The Track Cypher is available starting 04.18.2024!

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16 Comments on “Track Bowling | Cypher”

    1. Absolutely agree. I’m lucky to be able to use a medium oil ball drilled very weak on a fresh league shot. Most nights I end up using a Rhino solid.

    2. @@BillyScott-sr1nx I’m convinced my house puts out half the oil on the left that they do on the right. It’s ridiculous watching righties throwing high end stuff all night, and me as the only lefty using dry lane stuff.

    3. You can probably play with the surface and take it down to a 1500. That’s what I do with some of my bowling balls, and the results are great 👍🏾

  1. the kinda ball that lasts 10 minutes of practice and the first 5 shots of the 1st game, and then you need to change because it starts to roll out

  2. Love the colors but looks weaker then id prefer.. i like the hammer effect as well as black widow 3.0 motion more.

  3. I’ve been waiting for an MR-series core, so I think this will be a great ball! I’ve got DR and QR covers, and that’s one reason I didn’t get the Kinetic Cobalt. I have two similar QR covers already. And the DR cores fill the bill for a benchmark, but I’d rather have a benchmark piece that I routinely use, and this should be more versatile.

  4. My all time favorite bowling ball was the green pearl synergy! Please make the pearl version of this ball green!!!!

  5. Can someone explain the difference between MR/QR/DR? I assume this ball will fit in nicely between sensor solid and stealth, but is this just filling the gap of the legion solid?

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