Top Thrill Solid & Hybrid | Ball Motion Video

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The Top Thrill line is developed for premium performance on dry lanes. The latest additions to the MOTIV product line are the Top Thrill Solid and the Top Thrill Hybrid. These two balls were developed for world class performance on dry lanes. While others develop “entry level” bowling balls, we at MOTIV focus on premium performance for the varied environments a competitive bowler is likely to encounter. With peak performance in mind, the new Top Thrill Solid and Top Thrill Hybrid are designed for specific needs expressed by bowlers.

In this video, Nick Pahr compares the Top Thrill Solid, Top Thrill Hybrid, Top Thrill Pearl and Supra Rally #MOTIVNATION

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  1. Cool video talk tech bowling bowling ball motiv top thill bowling ball with nano technology in the bowling ball more strike and spare hitting power at time

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