Top Five Bowling Balls Of 2022!

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Todays video is the top five bowling balls that were released in 2022! This video is obviously my opinion and if your list is different than mine I would love to hear your list in the comments!

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41 Comments on “Top Five Bowling Balls Of 2022!”

  1. I bowled a 3 game tourney today. 1st game was terrible. I must’ve had a 100 in the 8th. I switched to the cosmos for a 158, then (using the cosmos for the rest of the day) I threw 238 and 225. The cosmos is quite possibly my favorite ball I’ve ever thrown

  2. Your videos are always really entertaining and your ball reviews are always very reliable. My favorite ball of this year I’ve tried is probably the Fate or Exotic Gem.

  3. I’m still a beginner bowler, but bought the Idol Cosmos back in August. LOVE that ball! My coach drilled it up a little ‘weaker’ for me, giving me growing room. The Phaze 5 is the next one on my list! Thanks for the reveiws!

  4. My top 5 all time: 5. Marvel Pearl. 4. Zen Master (Ik most people hate it, but when needed it does what I want). 3. OG Hy-road. 2. Wild Streak. 1 (by a long shot) Spectre.
    Edit: I am asking for Zen U for Christmas. I’m sure it will knock out the MP or ZM on my list after I use it.

  5. I am thinking of adding the Zen-U. Currently have The Infinite Physix, Black Widow Ghost and Purple Hammer. Have had great success with the Physix on house shot (44′ pattern). It hits hard at the end. (I am a lefty). If I miss a little to the left it comes back nicely. When lanes break down I either play more inside or go to my BW Ghost. I also have a Storm Electrify and HyRoad for when I have to play a straighter shot. Replaced my plastic ball with Purple Hammer this summer and much better results for making spares on the left side and it can also be used as a strike ball depending on lane conditions.

  6. My top 5 in my arsenal right now is the phase II, Reality Check, zen, Gem, and the Hustle Wine and they go with me to every tournament!!

  7. Hi Luis enjoy watching as always my top 5 for this year of the ones i have are
    1.RST X3
    2.Phaze V
    4.Wolverine Dark Moss
    5.Zen Soul

  8. Just drilled a Phaze V. I’ve rolled just one game with it so far…bowled a 233 on a modified house shot in the Az State Seniors in Mesa. I had to withdraw from the tournament because of a right shoulder injury. Recovering now and can’t wait to roll it in the Military Bowling Championships at Southpoint in January.

  9. Everyone, I know and understand that the Exotic Gem releases on 12/9/22 I have already thrown and reviewed that ball and while it is a good ball it came out very late into the year and thats why it didn’t make my list!

  10. Phaze 4 is amazing, hammer widow ghost, electrify solid looked real nice, definitely buying the supernova and exotic gem

  11. My favorite ball this year is the super nova, I love that ball to death. As a two handed bowler it is a great choice for my bag. I throw that aswell as a radical inferno I got from my uncle. Even at 16 pounds the nova hooks like a beast and I love it.

  12. Great job on your videos. Your analysis of the bowling balls is “SPOT” on with the models that I throw. My list of balls would be 1) Columbia 300 “SPEED”. 2) Columbia 300 “POWER TORQ”. 3) Motiv “SKY RAPTOR”. 4)Storm “INFINITE PHYSIX” 5) DV8 “VERGE SOLID”.

  13. I have only been back into bowling for a few months after an almost 10 year break. I dont have that many balls yet but the ones i was planning on getting is the Hyped Solid, ZenU and Phase 5. I currently have an idol cosmos and i love it. My first game with it was a 240. My other ball is a RST X3 which if i cant figure it out im trading for a Phase 5 and my 3rd ball is just a plastic spare ball.

  14. I did a bowling ball matchmaking event a month or so ago. I loved the Phaze V and that’s the one I got. The Super Nova felt heavier than what it was(I throw a 15 pounder, it felt like it was 16) not a bad ball, I had a couple strikes with it(one or two brooklyns) the RST X3 wasn’t bad either. The Idol Cosmos wasn’t good for me. Granted I only threw it 3 times, but two were splits. The other balls I threw were nothing special to me. If I do that event next year I should throw each ball 5-10 times instead of 3-4.

  15. Do you think for next year you could do a top 5 for each bowling ball type? it would be interesting to see top 5 hybrids or top 5 pearls vs having just one list.

    1. I like that idea ! This was more of the balls that were released this year only! Plus I made a series of videos earlier this year about how pearl solid and hybrid doesnt really matter

  16. Love your content! I just got a phase V and was looking for more of a game 1 benchmark ball. Was thinking zen soul, but sounds like I should just roll with a phase 2 still!

  17. Just saw this video, made me smile. LOVE the Phaze V! Just added to my arsenal 5 weeks ago, and after getting some games on it and calming it down, it rocks. I bowl on 46 & 40 ft house patterns, and can use this ball on each, playing 2 boards to the right on the 40 ft. The other balls in my bag are the Infinite PhysiX and the Night Road. Cracked me up about the Spectre, it was my number 1 ball until It got banned. One final note/question: The PhysiX was first out of my bag until I got the Phaze V, it didn’t carry on the house shot as well as the other 2, I guess the motion made it roll out and leave a lot of corner pins.

  18. The editing and quality of your videos is second to none. I also completely agree with your top 5 but for me, the top 3 are essentially interchangeable. Thank you for everything you do.

  19. Nice to see the list of the top 5 and your other list of all the balls for 2022.
    I have the Phaze 5, knocked the shine off and went with a 4000 pad. I’m now looking at the Idol Cosmos to have these two as my main balls. I like how you’re able to stay around the second arrow and play fairly straight or move a little and play third arrow. Still doing some research before making the final decisions, but leaning toward the Cosmos. Happy New Year!!

    1. While they are def gonna be different I think they are fairy similar especially with surface but both are great balls!

  20. Just ordered a cosmos! Im still pretty new, and in talking to my pro shop operator about looking for a smoother benchmark style piece that I can use for fun with my friends, or as I start trying to play league, he sold me on the cosmos. After watching this and your three hundred, I can’t wait to get it drilled 😍

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