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  1. The wrist device was implemented for the sole purpose of the women not bowling the men’s tour. There I said it so you don’t have to.

    1. The rule is to prevent surface changes during competition. There isnt much difference between a cleaner and a polish.

  2. This applies to many sports… why does it matter what hand/arm you swing with (baseball, tennis, golf bowling, etc). The object of the game is to knock down pins. If someone has the skill, why can’t they bowl right or left hand in any given frame or game? In tennis, I would serve left handed and volley with my right. I have never understood the merit of this rule in bowling.

    1. @Kawboy65 it literally is. There’s no reason to adjust for breakdown on the right when you can bowl fresh with the other hand

  3. Doesn’t matter if a ball has been used in competition yet or not. Once USBC sanctioned competition begins the surface cannot be changed. Basically if it’s in your bag, don’t touch the surface. Your hypothetical about a new ball being drilled and delivered during competition is a potential loophole, but probably not one that will present itself regularly. I’m sure the USBC would state that the surface cannot be changed from the out of the box surface in situations where a brand new ball is drilled and delivered during sanctioned play.

  4. 78 hardness needs to stay. There have to be limits on the hardness if the ball you can throw, the storm at hammer issue was solely due to the manufacturers getting too close to the limits for a competitive edge.

    Also, all tournaments and league should be “run what you brung”. All balls should be registered at the beginning of the day, and only those balls should be thrown,in the condition the were registered. No drilling a new ball mid-set, no surface changes. And you should be limited to a 5 ball bag, plastic included

  5. Luck is a part of the game. You can bounce a pin out of the back and pick up a split. You can miss the headpin and get lucky enough to domino them down. Personally, I think if you bounce the ball out of the gutter and hit pins, that should count. I know, probably an unpopular opinion, but I see it like golf. If I hit a ball OB and it bounces off a house or tree, and comes back in play, it’s in bounds. I feel like you should allow the bounce out in bowling.

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