Top 5 Must Have Bowling Balls!

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Today we are going over what I consider the top 5 must have bowling balls! This list only features bowling balls that are still available so nothing thats discontinued!

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43 Comments on “Top 5 Must Have Bowling Balls!”

  1. This is how tier lists should be. Obviously, you can’t do this with every ball. Having the best of the best visualized really helps.

  2. I would agree with you on the IQ as I purchased my first one in January and bowled my first 800 series with it.

  3. I agree on the Eternity, but may be biased bc I shot my first 600 series and high game (278) this week for league straight out of the box. I average 160, so I felt like I had superpowers haha.

  4. I guess I’m just stuck in the 00s. Most stuff made over the last decade or so doesn’t hold up one Iota compared to stuff made from 2002 to 2008. Here’s my list:

    1) Brunswick Ultimate Inferno
    2) Ebonite The One OR Hammer Black Widow
    3) Brunswick Original Inferno
    4) Storm Hy-Road
    5) Ebonite XXXCel (idc what anyone says, particle stuff from the mid 00s is FANTASTIC. The XXXCel I had would take a left turn as soon as it hit the lane, transformed nearly every lane or pattern into a wood lane that was only oiled about 30 feet. Perfect for ultra speed dominant bowlers like me whose only option on anything was to go straight.)

    Luis is a really good bowling youtuber but this list seems biased. As a speed dominant bowler, none of those balls would do anything for me. Maybe the !Q Tour Solid might be alright, but ehh idk. I would leave corners and 2 pins every shot probably if I had any of those balls in my bag.

    1. I LOVE the fact you have the Ultimate Inferno on here, especially #1! That is without a doubt one of, if not my favorite ball of all time. (it’s right there with the original Zone (dark blue & yellow) – which I still have both of retired in my garage – Before I made the move to Storm products, I was a die hard Brunswick guy and those years of balls were GOAT status all day. I also agree with The One being there, it was a killer ball (the original, not the rehash) I also loved the Ebonite Mission. I’m right there with you on being stuck / lost in that decade of bowling & balls / equipment. The stuff now just doesn’t seem anywhere near the same level as the older ones. I remember when you would keep balls for years at a time and a new release was special, now they just pump out ball after ball each month and they’re all basically the same or just remakes of older ones. Not saying some of the newer stuff isn’t great ( I love my Zen, UC3, Hy-Road, etc…) but there will just always be something special about those 00’s balls for sure! Some honorable mentions for me would be the Brunswick Rattler, Storm X-Factor Ace, Storm Virtual Gravity. Those were house shot destroyers for me back in the day 🙂

    2. @Luis Napoles You do you my dude👊. Totally agree that not everyone will match up with every ball out there, however, I DO agree with a lot of this list regardless. You put some top notch equipment in the spotlight it deserves to be in. Obviously everyone has THEIR own game and SHOULD use the proper equipment to match up. As much as I love some of these new balls in recent years, I definitely have a soft spot for the OG stuff 😉 Keep making killer content Lou, I think you have one of the best bowling channels out there and it’s awesome to always see how passionate you are about what you do. Always look forward to the new vids and your Coolwicks are always 🔥. I think what makes your channel great is that so many can relate to your game and you show everyday bowlers REAL situations / conditions that most of us will face in league and such. You don’t claim to have the perfect game, perfect form, etc.. you’re just a genuine dude with a solid game who takes pride in improving and wanting to continue to do so. You seem so blessed to be able to do this and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little jealous 😉 Thanks for putting this channel out there for us my man👊

  5. Luis supporting his fellow YouTubers. Always a stand-up guy
    I wasn’t expecting you to make the Infinite Physix a must-have, but I’ve had my eyes on it since I started bowling last year!
    Phaze II is going to be my next buy for sure (prob tied w/ the IQ Tour Solid).
    I bought a Zen back in Dec and have not allowed myself to use it until my monthly avg hit 140 or hit 200 in a game — managed to do both so now I get to use the legendary Zen 😀

  6. I agree with most of the balls. I have the iQ tour solid, Zen & the Phaze 2. Unbelievable bowling balls!!! My favorite is the iQ tour solid. It’s been my safety net whenever I’m lost in transition. Love the shape and gives me much confidence.

  7. Awesome Jersey, I love watching The Hype as well. I would’ve thought the Gem was a top 5 ball for you, but overall I like your picks.

  8. Literally bought an eternity yesterday and holy… this ball is insane! It just goes through the pins so well.

  9. Newer bowler here (less than a year). Friend asked me to join the league he’s in. Now I’m hooked! Even joined a second league. Between practice games and league nights I’m at the lanes a lot. LOL This game is so damn hard and I’m not very good but it’s that challenge of learning it and getting it right that keeps me coming back. If it was easy it wouldn’t be fun right? I Feel like I spent too much money on balls and bowling gear but hey, can’t take it with you. Anyway, most of the terminology and tech speak goes right over my head and I have no idea what some of your sentences mean. I hope I’ll pick those things up as I play more. Here’s my bag for league nights and would like your thoughts please.

    Game 1 heavyest oil: IDOL Helios
    Game 2 transitioning lane oil conditions: IDOL Cosmos
    Game 3 med/dry conditions: Roto Grip UC3

    I fell into the Roto Grip rabbit hole for ball selection. 😂

  10. I have all of these minus the eternity. Right now I’ve been throwing my exotic almost exclusively. Been using it in all 3 games of league, just moving in with it as the pattern breaks down.

  11. Love the IQ Tour; only problem is all three of the ones I have drilled up through the years have cracked (split) on me.

  12. Good list. Phaze 2 my number 1 and Zen 2. Now I will purchase
    an IQ Tour solid out of curiosity. Im not much of a tournament bowler so dont need the depth.
    Luis continues to be one of my favorites on YouTube.

  13. Different strokes for different folks in my opinion. Those balls fit your game the best and wouldn’t necessarily fit mine. I am a firm believer in newer the technology, better the performance. Missing out on the Absolute in the top 5 is criminal. The Fate is an amazing ball as well. First 4 weeks at league with the Fate, had 4 shots at a 300 every week. First week with the Absolute, shot 300 game 2. Just got the Eternity this week and I’ll try it on league Thursday. Nothing against the phase 2, Zen and !Q, but I prefer to keep newer tech balls in my bag.

  14. I only have 2 of those balls, the IQ solid and the Zen. I do however have the axiom which is pretty much just a slightly stronger phase 2, and I have the altered reality a.k.a. the original eternity. For most tournaments I have pretty much replaced my Zen with the Zen soul, they are pretty similar but I have found the Zen soul is a little earlier and smoother which for me is more controllable on tougher patterns.

  15. Nice list. Love my IQ. Don’t store the IQ in a hot car they will split. My Venom Shock was awesome out of the box seems a little grabby at times and then I return to the IQ.

  16. Bought my very first bowling ball yesterday and went with the Tour !Q. This was before I even watched this video! Everywhere I looked it was being recommended as the ultimate benchmark ball. Can’t wait!

    1. Oh thats awesome! I hope you love it! Keep in mind it is on the weaker side of things but an all time great for a reason!

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