Top 5 Motiv Bowling Balls of 2020

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On today's video we are taking a look at the top 5 Motiv bowling balls that were released in 2020! Now this list is strictly my opinion but I would love to hear what balls you all would put on your top 5! These balls have been staples in my bag since they came out and I look forward to 2021 to see what new greater things @bowlmotiv comes up with!

Motiv Disk Shammy
Forge Flare 15 lbs

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41 Comments on “Top 5 Motiv Bowling Balls of 2020”

  1. I’d like to see you revisit the trident nemesis in your current video format.

    1. I’ve heard that from A LOT of people! However with bowling balls only being “popular” when they first come out I can’t imagine making those videos and getting a decent about of views. But don’t worry all the next releases will be in this format or better ‘

  2. That Tank is one of my favorite balls every, it is truly something different from what any other ball offers. I and shocked you didn’t make the Forge Flare #1 in you videos it is clear how much you love that ball.

    1. Yea number 1-2 on this list were definitely not easy but ultimately I went with the desert because I match up better with it !

  3. How does the tank blitz compare to the desert tank? The big difference is the gear core which is one of your favorites right?

    1. The covers on the balls are also incredibly different. I like the desert more because I can play way straighter with it

  4. Trident Nemesis didnt make it, wow… ever since i bought that ball, it’s literally been a blessing, that’s a real shocker to not see it and i almost have a similar throw as you

    1. The Nemesis was a GREAT ball but not as great as the ones on the list. Any other year it would have made the list !

  5. I like those picks, I have 2 balls from 2020 ( Trident Nemesis and Forge Flare). How would you pick your top 5 since your started throwing Motiv?

    1. Oof thats a tough one lol I would say
      5. Forza SS
      4. Jackal Ghost
      3. Forge Flare
      2. Desert Tank/Venom Shock
      1. Venom Shock/Desert Tank

  6. My are the Golden Jackal, Villain, Forge Flare, Blitz, and Venom Shock. I can see myself use the Flare, Villain, Blitz more than others.

    1. For me right now all time would be
      5. Forza SS/Covert Revolt/Jackal Ghost
      4. Octane Carbon
      3.Forge Flare
      2.Venom Shock
      1. Desert Tank

    1. That would all depend on your revolutions. If your revolutions are also low to go along with your ball speed then yes absolutely it’ll be a great idea

  7. Great list. I would have gone 5. Fatal Venom 4. Right Cord Flight 3. Jackal Flash 2. Alpha Jackal 1. Forge Flare! The Flare may end up like the Venom Shock and never get retired! LOL

  8. I know it’s an older ball and almost unrelated to this video but is the ghost a good ball to start with on the fresh or more of a ball for late play?

    1. The Ghost is one of my all time favorites!! Ball is best suited for the fresh but can absolutely be used late to curve the lanes

  9. I still throw my Motiv Cruel C51 and I’ve loved it every day. But on house patterns it’s just too aggressive for my taste. What’s your favorite house lane ball of all time?

  10. Really nice video. I’ve had an interest in Motiv for a while. I’ve been throwing Radical for several years. I could definitely make a good choice on a purchase, after watching and listening to your experiences. I subscribed, and look forward to seeing more. Thanks again.

  11. i just bought a forge flare and im in love. its like nothing else with the angles you are able to play and never sacrifice any bit of carry. even with the huge core and having so much surface. its amazing

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