Top 5 Bowling YouTube Channels!

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Whats going on guys! Todays video is simple! What are my favorite bowling YouTube channels and why!

Links to all channels!

Beef and Barnzy:

Bowlers Rant:

Brad & Kyle:

Darren Tang:

The House:

The Hype:

Jr Pro Shop:

Luke Rosdahl:

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42 Comments on “Top 5 Bowling YouTube Channels!”

  1. You’re one my favorites Luis! Keep up the great work. I love you ball reviews and just all the videos in general. I took over 10 years away from the game but I’m back!

  2. The Hype is putting out great stuff and definitely worth watching. One of my other favorites besides seeing Luis on here is watching JR Raymond.

  3. Luis, your channel just keeps getting better and better. Thanks for this very well done video promoting some other great channels for the good of bowling!

  4. I would definitely have jr Raymond on my list to add to the ones you already mentioned. Sometimes, I want that quicker ball review with no fluff or funny business just to get a good look at ball motion on different parts of the lane to see if it’s something that i can fit in my arsenal. Helps that he releases the ball similar to the way I do.

    1. The impression I get from his reviews are ….let’s see how far left we can move…That’s kind of ironic now because when I started bowling again after 20+ years, it was one of his review that influenced my first ball, the Columbia 300 Baller which I still use now and again. that was 3 years ago though.

    2. there’s plenty of fluff in his videos LOL lots of dead time in all his videos but hey this is all a matter of opinion ya know

  5. Yea you hit all my big ones along with you! Brad and Kyle have taught me so much on basics of bowling! Darren is very entertaining and man what Jesse does as an editor/producer is awesome! JR pro-shop, Luke Rosdahl, and your channel have probably influenced my choices of buying bowling the most! Thanks again Luis!

  6. What a great video. It is important to give credit and thanks for those that help and influence you in a positive manner. Luis, you came across with such sincerity and honesty in this video. I love all of your videos but quite honestly this might be your very best one. Props for doing something none of these other channels have done.

    1. I really appreciate that! I want all of us to succeed because if we all do then the better off we will all be! 💯

  7. Your list is pretty much mirrors mine. Love and get a lot of info from you and the other YouTubers. Its because of you guys, I always end up getting the balls you guys review! Keep up the awesome work Everyone!

  8. Love your list! I watch every channel you have on your list. I’m a huge fan of the House, Darren, Brad and Kyle, etc. When it comes to ball reviews, I think it’s you, Luke, JR Pro Shop. I agree that Darren and JR Pro Shop has the best editing. A channel that is good for selling products is Creating the Difference. They turned YouTube to an infomercial 😂 But their products are great! Hope your 2023 is successful!

  9. Love all these choices. Big fan of Packy and The House since I’m a lefty too. Actually going to use some of Packy’s spare shooting tips later today! Beef and Barnzy, the content speaks for itself and they will have more subscribers for sure. Hutch (The Hype) puts out quality content and he will get up there too. Love that he’s throwing everything right now. Beans always lets us know the upcoming overseas releases with some on lane content. JR Pro Shop looks like the homies I’d love to hang with. Brad and Kyle provide some great coaching content. Luke, Angel, Panda Pack, love you guys! And Luis, you know what’s up with the league night crew! Special shout outs to Mike G (220 Avg) and Mike with Destination Bowling.

  10. I’ll admit the first couple of videos I watched from your channel about 6 months ago I couldn’t get used to your style. But the reason I still watch to this day is your in depth ball reviews and the hard work you have put into advancing your game and channel. Keep up the good work Luis! You got one more life time supporter out of me.

  11. For instructional content: Brad and Kyle

    For entertainment: Darren Tang and The House Bowling

    I like the way JR Raymond explains some of the newer rulings

    I just recently started following you and haven’t had a chance to watch many of your videos so I can’t list you as one of my favorites yet, but I’ve definitely enjoyed the videos I’ve seen so far.

  12. Hey Luis, thanks for all you do. You were one of the first you tubers I watched when I got back into bowling a few months ago. I still watch you even though I’ve gravitated to another brand for my arsenal. I agree with your list but, as others have said, also like JR Raymond. I have started watching Matt Sanders as well since he’s a fellow lefty. Keep up the good work!!

  13. I would have to add Forrest Kritzer to the list, while he doesn’t do ball reviews or technical videos, just watching him bowl and compete really shows the love he has for the sport.

  14. Darren Tang got me into bowling last year about this time. I got a ball. Went to the US open finals. Joined a league and increased my average from 130 to 170 in 2022. Pretty much thanks to Darren. Then looking for reviews lead me to your channel Luis. I appreciate the content sir. Happy bowling..

  15. Congratulations Luis on your successes! It’s so good to see everyone in the bowling industry promoting everyone else and helping each other grow which is what the bowling industry needed. Your ball reviews and comparisons are very informative. Looking forward to more content in 2023. Keep up the great work! Happy New Year!

  16. Brad & Kyle are my favorite for bowling tips and I like you and JR for ball reviews. You, I find the most entertaining as you are just a natural in front of the camera. Thanks for all the efforts!

  17. Thanks so much for including me on this list!! While I still lean heavier into the dryer more technical side of things, I’m learning a lot from you and the channels on this list and am beginning to implement a lot of the changes to what I do! We’re all in this together!

    1. Together yes 100% bro you have done so much for me you just dont know it! Because of you Luke I might be able to make this a full Time job to be able to sped more time with my wife and kid! I will forever be in your corner!

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