Top 3 Bowling Balls Of 2024 SO FAR!!! Best Of The Best!

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Top 3 bowling balls of 2024 so far! This video is strictly my opinion of the best bowling balls that have been released in 2024 so far!

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44 Comments on “Top 3 Bowling Balls Of 2024 SO FAR!!! Best Of The Best!”

  1. I do not care for that attention stat but I never seen shots that good with it ever. Now I’m starting to like it the way you’re throwing it.

    1. I agree, I was excited to throw it when we had a demo at shop here. I didn’t care for it after I threw it.

    2. Change the surface. I hated mine out of box, changed it to 2k with Smooth Edge polish and now it’s free strikes

    3. My attention star is amazing and rolls very similar. I will say I was so so about it when I got it, however after buying some of that crappy reacta gloss cover off it came to life and is amazing.

  2. The idol line is nice, and I see why you put that ball at number one so far it’s smooth and it reads the friction.

  3. LN- I like the release year comparisons but… How about a last 5 years SPI top arsenal. Maybe 6 balls Strong Asym/sym, Mid Asym/sym, and low flares?

    1. @@LuisNapoles I am sorry to ask a second question, but would you consider the Attention Star a ball up or down from the Sublime. I have been looking for a ball down and have been thinking about Attention Star, Xponent Pearl, and The Road. Any thoughts?

  4. I would have to put hyper venom on this list, literally is the straightener version of the venom shock (a GOAT), out of bowling balls coming out I don’t usually buy one that just came out but hyper venom looking to good tho especially in that pink 😉

    1. @@LuisNapoles would be great to see you throw it for a video maybe like a comparison with venom shock, I know there was comments of people wanting to see more of a simpler one handed throw for the normal casual player out there, I know my father said he really wanted to see you throw the ball 😉

  5. I fell in love with the Attention Star during a demo day. Punched up my own and love it even more.

    Without fast forwarding, my guess would be the Optimum Idol.

  6. Got to throw the Attention Star at a demo and there’s just something different about it. Only ball I couldn’t miss with.

  7. I thought sure you were going to go with the Harsh Reality as the #1. You surprised me. Thanks for another good video

  8. this is amazing! what are your thoughts on the road ball coming out next month? not sure if it will compare to these so cant wait until you can get one and throw it

  9. Look forward to Storms The Road with the Inverted Fe AI weight block with the REX Hybrid Coverstock.

  10. Ok @Luis Naples what makes it number 1 is it strength versatility or is it because it holds the spot for more people across the nation threw 300s with it

    1. for me its cause the Idol just does everything really well and checks off all the marks of being a REALLY good benchmark ball!

  11. I loved the Optimum Idol when i threw it at a demo day. To me it felt like a much smoother P2. I’m getting one drilled tomorrow.

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