Time For A New GOAT For 900 Global?!

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900 Global Zen has been the staple and GOAT for the brand! Do we think it's time for a new GOAT in the 900 Global Eternity?!

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51 Comments on “Time For A New GOAT For 900 Global?!”

  1. I love the look of both balls.. Can’t wait till I recieve mine from BM. The next one I’m curious about is the new IQ tour ruby

  2. I really would love a comparison of the Eternity and Absolute. Balls don’t have to be similar to compare. Just comparing similar balls doesn’t help to understand in total what the balls do. I can’t decide which one to get yet though I’m leaning towards the Eternity. 🙂

    1. I have the absolute and the eternity is definitely sharper than the absolute is for me the absolute always gets through the front but if there is a friction spot in the mid lane it over hooks a lot of the time

    2. @Detect Umbreon That helps. I was worried that the absolute would be what you’re describing. I have trouble with over hooking sometimes and my home alley is very inconsistent with oil pattern.

    3. both are pretty solid, think you’ll be happy with either one. I’ve been loving the absolute, seen a lot of hate for it on the ootb surface but it has been working really well for me
      does not smell at all as advertised though, I gotta say. more like a rootbeer or mint smell

  3. I honestly have never really liked the Zen. It always felt too early and too snappy for me. Now the Eternity on the other hand… I loooooooove clean and sharp balls. The Zen plays the way I would want a solid to play

    1. Ian I always love the late stuff but for some reason the Zen being earlier works. One of the only balls I can say that about

  4. Good review as usual Luis. Really liking the looks of the Eternity. I feel putting a ball that hasn’t been released yet in GOAT territory is premature, but I understand the enthusiasm. I’d like one but not sure where it fits in my clesn arsenal with the Altered Reality, Zen, Reality Check, Ripcord Velocity.

    1. @CBahlBowling that’s my thought too but it doesn’t really need replaced unless I’m going to nationals. Anyone that doesn’t have an Altered I’d for sure recommend an Eternity.

    2. @Andy Settle yeah that’s why I’m prob gonna get a Eternity, PSO has one early in my weight too so I may be able to get it a little before release date

  5. This is the first ball I’ve asked my PSO to preorder for me. I love what it’s doing in almost every video I’ve seen.

  6. Eternity is definitely the NEW G. O. A. T. for sure and though I’ve heard it’s the Altered 2.0 which I have is totally different for me and isn’t even close

  7. Lou do you like both of these better than the Fate and Infinite Physix? I would also like to see if possible shooting the same pattern at different houses. My 2 cent thanks as always Lou. My favorite bowling guy.

  8. Rolled again last night… Starting to remember how this game is played… Shot 674, so I’m averaging 218 for my 1st 2 weeks–I’ll take it for now… If I want to, I can finish the season…

  9. Got the preorder in under your affiliate code. Thanks for all the videos and reviews. Keep up the good work!

  10. The Eternity is definitely earlier. The Zen is a little cleaner and it rolls more forward off of the end of the pattern.

    The difference in roll is even more apparent on sport oil patterns. The torque of the asym core allows it to get off of it harder down lane even though it’s earlier.

  11. Loved the video. Was waiting for this comparison. Thanks for the look. Have a better idea bein a huge Og zen guy. Can’t stop smiling at the crazy carry Chris got to strike on a couple of missed shots. Then hits the pocket and 7-10’s. 😂. Love ya fellas. Keep it up.

  12. Oh and I just purchased a HK22 Red Widow 2.0, that I also expect to shape similarly ( although I would expect the Altered to be a little bit more continuous from deeper interior angles)

  13. Hey Luis – I own The Zen 14lb Im looking to add a complimentary ball to the bag … Would adding the Eternity to my bag with the Zen be duplicating the same ball or is there enough difference there to make it worthwhile

  14. If i stick to a 3 ball arsenal, i think im gonna go with the reality solid, then the eternity, and i still got my uc3. Sad that the rst x3 is being discontinued.

  15. Do you think you could both in the same bag? The eternity as my assymetrical pearl and the zen as my symmetrical pearl?

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