10 Comments on “Throwing pins with the Supra Rally! #MOTIVNATION”

  1. I watched Andrew Anderson use this ball at Northway Lanes in Muskegon Michigan during singles and doubles Michigan State Bowling Tournament Saturday afternoon on Lanes 7&8 4/1/23

  2. Rally seems to be much cleaner than the previous two Supras. Much more than I was expecting. Very weak and long RG # on it too. Was this the design intent?

    1. yes, absolutely. The original Supra was designed for light-medium oil and had a core with much more diff and flare potential. This Supra is designed for light oil conditions and burn. It’s intended to be weaker than the previous Supra and Supra Enzo.

    1. yes to both. The Supra Rally is designed for dry lanes or lighter oil volumes where there will be some friction to bounce off of.

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