Throwback Thursday! Bowling Ball Review For The Storm Omega Crux! Blast From The Past!

The Storm Omega Crux was released a few years ago so how does it stack up against todays bowling balls???

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17 Comments on “Throwback Thursday! Bowling Ball Review For The Storm Omega Crux! Blast From The Past!”

  1. I can’t wait Luis. I have one. In the order of strength where does the Omega Crux fit in with my Reality, Altered Reality, and Nuclear Cell? I bowl on a house shot with not lots of oil. Proton or Gem probably does not fit my bill.

  2. I love the storm, roto, 900 lineup but this ball and I did not get along well at all!! I gave it to a bowling friend and he’s killing it with it!! Louis, thank you for your videos!!

  3. I still use this ball for my house shot occasionally. I play it straight and have had success when I use it. The house I play at has strong backends.

  4. I’d love to see ya throw it back to the 2007 Brunswick Fury Pearl!!! I still have mine. I quit putting it in my bag for league/tournaments about 3 years ago, but HOT DAMN this was the ball back in its day!!!

  5. I own one of these and have just forgotten about it. Think I’ll grab it out of the locker, touch it up and give it another go. This thing definitely looks good when you’re throwing it, but I want to say it was really tough on over/under when I was throwing it. Awesome video!

  6. I got one on its release day and I hated the ball as I felt it was too lengthy for the way it reacted downlane and it made it difficult for my eyes to process, And I admit at that time I was very inexperienced and knew nothing about nothing. About 2 months ago I decided to give the Omega another chance since I understood layouts and ball reaction better. I put
    85 x 4,1/4 x 50 on mine to make it roll more, flare less and look less lengthy and I shot 773 in 3 games. It wasn’t in league but I’m glad I gave this ball a 2nd chance. Glad you decided to look back on it too. Great video man.

  7. Just got my second Omega. Love this ball. Use it as my second ball after my Phaze2. When that stops working my Omega picks up and works amazingly

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