26 Comments on “ThroBot – Bad Breaks & Terrible Shots!”

    1. A guy on the team we bowled last night threw 4 gutters. Picked up his spares on the first 3 and double guttered on the 4th.

  1. I could produce one heck of a library of workable, scientifically proven solutions to many types of shots if I had a throw bot.

    You can put reflective pigment in the oil so specto can see the oil as well.

  2. This might be the greatest bowling video on YouTube. It shows the importance of watching how the ball goes through the pins. Even with a robot throwing the ball, strikes aren’t a guarantee.

  3. I’d like to see ThroBot deliver a few straight balls from the right side at a moderate speed. I think an accurate pocket hit, even at a 1-2 degree angle would yield consistent strikes. Of course, it would have to use a ball made for a straight shot.

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