Three Ball Progression For League

What's going on my YouTube fam?!? Today I have for you all what my personal three ball progression looks like in league! These are the ball that I take to league every week and I explain why I go from ball to ball and what to look for!!

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41 Comments on “Three Ball Progression For League”

    1. Desert tank is the daddy ball !!! But the center in bowling at in the winter I need something bigger which is why I went with the blitz

  1. Really liked how you broke it down and what to look for when making the proper ball change. My go to is the tank blitz, alpha jackal, and VIP

  2. I started off last night with a crappy 145 for my 1st game and then came back with a 213 followed by a 245 to finish with a 602 with my flash I only have a 163 average

  3. Great Video and a lot of good tips when to change and in what kind of ball. I think this video will help me at Monday evening 🙂

  4. Got one flash on release, loved it so I got another that’s drilled smoother. Also have 2 VIPs on the way 😁 Tote for my closest house is alpha, blitz, covert

  5. I seen the new Fatal Venom, and the forge FLASH, on MOTIV’s web site, I can’t wait to see how and your numbers on drilling on this Fatal Venom,, good luck & cant wait for your next video

  6. Love new VIP. It’s my game 1 benchmark. If I need smoother, go to Blitz, need stouter ball, Flash, ball down, Desert, Sniper is my 10 pin hunter

  7. Love your videos Lou! I got hooked up with motiv because of your channel! Motiv is lucky to have an ambassador like you on their staff! Maul

    1. You’re gonna love the VIP!! If you do drill it share a video on the MotivLou Facebook page I’d love to see you rolling it !

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