THIS Was A Game Changer For The !Q Tour Ruby!

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Adding surface to the Storm !Q Tour Ruby was truly a game changer! I don't think I will ever throw that ball with polish again after this! '

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47 Comments on “THIS Was A Game Changer For The !Q Tour Ruby!”

  1. I got an original IQ for my first ball. Not in league yet. Ball was hooking like snap hooking from looking good down the lane and hitting 7 pin. Got a pitch black and had my first two games in a row over 200!!! Great videos!

  2. I will be ordering a Ruby off your link soon. How did you come up with the process of resurfacing?

  3. You are literally the main reason why I’m going to get this ball now!! Also, what do you think of that Berry Slash smell? Is it better/same as the Fate?

  4. My exotic gem looked pretty good out of box with the reacta gloss finish, I was looking to round out the shape so I knocked off the reacta gloss with a 2000 pad. Wasn’t a huge fan of the motion after that so now I’ve got about 4-5 games and its getting some lane shine on it and the reaction is much better.

  5. Looks good at 3000… a good compromise might be a 5000pd from CTD. I might do that with my Revenant. Still waiting to see a Phaze 4/5 up against the Ruby.

  6. Polish is usually only good for shelf appeal, not for actual use, in most situations. Also, it’s a lot easier and cheaper for a bowler to use Abralon pads to consistently achieve a smoother surface at 3000 or 4000, than to run to the pro shop, or apply polish by hand. Personally, I have a very high axis tilt, so unless the lanes are on fire, I don’t have a problem getting the ball down lane; my issue is getting the ball to slow down enough, and in the right part of the lane, to properly enter the 1-2 lefty pocket, and carry. The last thing I need, is a polished ball reducing the friction response and then going sideways when exiting the pattern–house or sport!

    1. It’s all relative… when the fronts start to go, if you’ve got lower tilt and/or slower ball speed and the ball start to stand up too soon, then the shiny stuff is exactly what you want.

  7. Hi Luis, Don’t say never, because it must be nice to bowl in a proper house with a real oil pattern. My house never has enough oil on the lane to allow us to throw dull balls. Heck they don’t even start oiling until 2 feet pass the foul line so everything starts hooking as soon as you throw it. Ken

    1. Ugh…I despise places that just don’t care about doing things properly. Not oiling the first couple of feet to save a few bucks is pathetic. Would you patronize a hospital that decided to do surgery in a tent in the parking lot because it’s cheaper than turning on the lights in the operating room? And then people wonder why their businesses fail…smh.

    2. @Not Onyourlife they do it because they have too many open bowlers walk up the lane, slip and fall. I am waiting for the USBC to re-rate the leagues to Challenge leagues.

  8. I like my solids to have a slight shine and I knock the shine off my my hybrids and pearls. I do not like over/under ball reactions.

  9. No polish ever for me. It ALWAYS leads to garbage over/under reaction. Depending on what I think the ball is slotted for I’ll tell them to break the polish off and set it to 4K or 3K if I want it shinier or 2K if it seems like it wants to be a ball for earlier.

  10. It depends on the ball . My old faithful as a junior was my faball blue pearl hammer urethane so I had to create the hook I liked it with the lane shine it had after 10 years of use as a spare ball from my dad . Lane shine awesome when it was really dry for length but when your the only lefty and go to your urethane ball you know like the back of your hand like me with my blue pearl hammer urethane I sanded it to 500 trucut and loved it more then with the shine . But i like my solids polished as well especially my hyroad x.

  11. Louis, after throwing my im with you. It seemed like it would be too clean through the oil and react too hard off the dry. I hit it with 3000 then 4000…is that the same way you did yours?

  12. I love the look of the Ruby without that Reacta Gloss. I recently got an Eternity, threw it for 10 mins in practice and instantly hit it with a 2000 to get the Gloss off and instantly fell in love.

    Not sure what it is but that Gloss just isn’t working for me. Feels like the balls that have it are a bit too volatile in terms of reaction, either underhook or overhook, never in between. A lot more consistent once you get surface on it.

  13. I usually remove the factory gloss on polished pearls by stair-stepping the ball from 500 to 4000. I find that this gives me good length and backend while it reduces the potential for over-under reactions, particularly on walled-up house shots.

  14. I took a 2000 pad by hand then a light coat of CTD polish, both by hand. First 3 full games over 2 different nights of league it gets me over 700….I don’t score that high. Only threw it twice with the stock finish….flat 10s both times.

  15. I haven’t thrown a single storm ball but i’m going tomorrow to get a Phaze II and a IQ tour ruby drilled up. I have a feeling these 2 balls are gonna be my league arsenal for awhile

  16. I finally bought a Ruby and with the reacta-gloss I did NOT like the reaction on the house shot I was on. Too snappy off the dry, too skiddy through the puddle. The shot was very wet/dry but the look wasn’t there. After league I did a hand sand at 4000 and threw some practice and it was AMAZING! 1000% agree that a little surface is GREAT on this ball

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