This New Bowling Ball Is STRONG! Storm DNA Review

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Today we are reviewing the all new Storm DNA! This bowling ball is STRONG! But was very surprised by how well it handled the high friction lanes I was bowling on!

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42 Comments on “This New Bowling Ball Is STRONG! Storm DNA Review”

  1. Really great looking ball. If you miss right it still comes back. I got my new Reality and I love it. That ball looks like an even stronger Reality.

  2. honestly, i’ve seen in the tour vids recently a lot of people using the DNA as a step down when the Gem is just too much ball. Also, the core numbers on this thing are weird. real high intermediate diff compared to most of the other big assyms.

  3. Had a good feeling about this ball when it was announced. Which is why I said I was more excited for this than the ruby bec I felt storm was going to kinda shock us with some special. I will be ordering 1 for sure

  4. I was choosing between the DNA, Gem or Ambush. I only bowl on sportpatterns between 39ft to 44ft and I felt that I needed something stronger than my Pro Motion in my arsenal. In the end, I picked the Ambush simply bcs Ive never had a ball from Motiv. But the DNA came really close ๐Ÿ˜

    1. My first out of the bag is the GEM and I am a low rev bowler but I still hook. (broken hand 3X = arthritis) and its great….however I have bowled at least 300 games on it and I either need to resurface or try new…looking at TNT and DNA, would love to hear your thoughts on the Ambush after using it for a while

    2. How are you liking the Ambush, I’m torn between it and the DNA as well. I have a Ghost, so familiar with Motiv already but bowl mostly Storm (Nova and Proton)

    3. @Andrew Bryant Well, I got exactly what i wanted: a STRONG ball ๐Ÿ˜€ . This thing is almost ridiculus. This is my first ball from motiv, but i have other teammates who has had them for years, so I kinda knew what to expect. It really needs alot of oil, or else its gonna burn up all the energy before it hits the pocket. But its easy to hit the pocket with it, It lets me “survive” the first 2 games without any major issues (other than the occasional cornerpin) and its easy to reed the ballmotion and make the right decisions when the lanes start to transition. Overall: I like it, and it complements my arsenal well. ๐Ÿ™‚

      I have the Ambush (1000-grit), Pro Motion (1000-grit), BW 2.0 Hybrid (2000-grit and Step 2 comp), Parallax (3000-grit and Step 2 comp) and an old BW 2.0 Urethane (500-grit) and a plastic for spares.

    4. @Chris Winton I got the same deal: Not a whole lotta revs, but not fully speed dominant. So I can still hook it, but not like the tourguys ;). I think you would like this ball and feel that its a worthy opponent to the Gem. From what I experience (got a few guys with the Gem at the lanes), I find the Ambushยดs ballmotion easier to reed and make decisions from, compared to the gem. The Gem feels a bit more angular on the end of the patterns, compared to the Ambush, and I prefer the bit rounder motion. Overall, pretty happy with it so far. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I love the tech advancements on the Absolute but seeing it just wasn’t doing anything for me. This one looks to be a winner.
    Making me think a nice starter that leads you nicely into a Phase II.

  6. Great review, I have been wanting to see you throw this as my rev rate and ball speed are very close to yours. Now I am sure that This is the ball for me… DNA, with the rest of my main league bag being Phaze II, Fate, IQ Tour Fusion, & Electrify Go. I have considered buying my gear from you but my house gives me a good price on balls and drills them for me for free. All the best brother. Looking forward to your next league video to see what you throw. Good luck..

  7. I still don’t have an assym solid. Haven’t needed it since I am rev dominant but my form is slowly getting better and as a result my speed is getting faster, so this review is very valuable to me because the 2 balls that I was looking at are in fact the Reality and the Proton Physix. The Super Nova and Gem both don’t look like they would match up well with me.

  8. Hopefully it sits between the gem and reality. Bought the gem last year and just never really liked what I seen. Could be that I went with a 5โ€ pin instead of my typical 4โ€ but it just wants to stand up and roll out if I pitch it towards the gutter instead of straight up the lane. Almost felt like a urethane.

  9. That was a good ball review for the DNA. I love the Continuous shape that the ball produces. Thanks.

  10. What a ball looks amazing I personally love my gem maybe I just match with is well but I love it. On the other hand this ball looks like it’s way forgiving and motion than the gem

  11. So glad to see such a positive review on this ball. I just preordered it from my local pro shop on the recommendation of the staff there. I am high speed, a little spin, low rev bowler that needed something different from my current Phase 2. Thanks Luis!

  12. Great review, the dna looks great. The review also showed how the exceptional the reality still is. The reality gives me jackal ghost vibes, as in its just always going to be hard to beat, because it is just so good.

  13. Just got my DNA in two days ago! I pick it up from my PSO at the shop this Friday! So excited.

  14. I’m a 170 League average. Bought this yesterday, threw it in League last night, and threw a 650. The amount of miss room and the carry is ridiculous. My amount of ‘lucky” messengers was way more than usual. I loved the Zen I had already, but I’m speed-dominant and I need something that’s going to move on fresh even when I don’t put a lot of hand on it. Great.

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