This NEW Bowling Ball Is STRONG! Roto Grip TNT Ball Review!

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We FINALLY have a solid symmetrical bowling ball that is GOOD! The all new Roto Grip TNT is here to blow up racks!

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44 Comments on “This NEW Bowling Ball Is STRONG! Roto Grip TNT Ball Review!”

  1. Ready for Eternity 🤩. Edit:. Can we please keep Livestream comments positive and about the video. I think Luis deserves that respect.

  2. Luis I know you don’t have one, but I would love to see this compared to the Rubicon. I think they would pair very well together.

    1. @Luis Napoles You never threw the original Rubicon did you? If not you missed out on an absolute gem. My favorite ball of all time, by a long shot.

  3. Control ball he says. Sun Storm comparison? 👀

    Also it just looks like it’s chugging so hard and doesn’t want to do anything crazy…which is ok. But Luke has me thinking otherwise especially after taking it down and resurfacing it back to box.

  4. TNT vs Axiom. We’ve had a ton of pearl/hybrid releases from all manufacturers recently. I hope there is a wave of solids coming!

  5. Hey Luis thanks for taking a picture with me last Thursday at southpoint! (I was the guy in the Anaheim ducks gear) It was awesome running into you, keep up the good work and progressing your game, inspires me to get on the lanes and practice.

  6. Gem would be a good comparison on This 🔥🔥 bowling ball!! Can’t wait for the eternity video keep up the great content Luis looking forward to the league Livestream this week

  7. Looks to like that ball creates enough pin action to strike even when the shot may have missed by a board . I’m strongly considering it

  8. This could be a future replacement for my C300 Savage, I think. I am a speed-dominant lefty that plays down the 5 board and doesn’t have the skillset to swing the big wheels. This looks perfect for me. I am interested to see how quickly it lane shines though, and what that does to the reaction.

  9. I looked at this particular review earlier today. I would like to see more cross brand reviews like the SWAG Joker Wild vs The Obsession Tour or The TNT vs Phaze 2

    1. Staff guys can’t mix up brands. If you want to see anything outside of the spi line you’re on the wrong channel

  10. Did the ball hit the tip of your shoe on one of those shots!? I couldn’t tell but that’s one I’ve never seen before! Keep up the good work, your my #1 when it comes to ball review videos!

  11. Love from NYC.Your videos are great, keep going. Also if you can put some background music in some spots it would make the video more dynamic just a friendly suggestion ❤️🥂

  12. How about compare it with an Idol or a Zen Soul, along with the Phase 2? Also, Root Grip’s latest, Hyped Solid. Those are all good, solid symmetrical. I really like the Soul and Hyped Solid.

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