This Is Why You NEED Urethane! On 42 Foot PBA Oil Pattern!

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We will be taking about the importance of urethane bowling balls in todays game! Pattern is PBA Earl Anthony which is 42 feet long!

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24 Comments on “This Is Why You NEED Urethane! On 42 Foot PBA Oil Pattern!”

    1. The guys on the national tour are the 1% of the 1% at the regional level and every local tournament urethane will still be mandatory

  1. Yeah this year at the DV8 Shootout I bowled 140 on Cheetah the last game. I had my urethane drilled too weak, I have since redrilled it. First 5 games I was +95

  2. I use urethane as my spare ball as well as the first ball out of my bag in league. It starts me out right, building my confidence with the first 4-5 strikes in the night before going to reactive. It has also bailed me out of some situations at the end of the night when the lanes have gotten weird and I am lost in transition with my Reactive pieces. It doesn’t matter, sport or house shot. Urethang on everythang. As long as you have the speed and revs to manage it, urethane is always a viable option.

  3. Cool video talk tech bowling bowling ball storm pitch black bowling ball with nano technology in the bowling ball more strike and spare hitting power at time Luis

  4. Hello Luis I throw pitch black on any condition and carry a 223 average in league..when u burn up the front in league I go to my magic gem and bend it more because of the carry down 💪🏼keep up the great work Luis

    1. Purple hammer is a GOOD urethane ball but in this video specifically I think the pitch black looked pretty amazing! Would the PH give me those 2 misses back?

    2. @Luis Napoles I throw both balls. If you want perfect front to back control of the pattern and the ability to have straighter projections, the Pitch Black is better than Purple.
      It has a more traditional 1980’s urethane motion. Down and in for the win.
      Purple is great when you want to create some shape and need something that has more motion in the back. Both are great balls and actually compliment each other very well.
      Just don’t tell Storm and Brunswick I said that! 😂

  5. Great video Lou, though it did just suddenly cut off at the end.
    To quote BrunsNick: “And this is why we throw urethane, to make the game of bowling easier.”
    I use urethane for pretty much everything. I use it on house too.
    It does not hurt my teammates throwing resin, it actually helps them by giving them hold to the inside and a slower breakdown of the pattern.
    My doubles partner and myself throw over the same line, he using his Nova and I using a urethane ball of choice. He always shoots higher when I use urethane.
    This is also true of my other league where one of my teammates throws his Black Widow 2.0 solid right on top of my line. My urethane helps his ball stay online and he always shoots very high.

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