THIS Is Why The Right Bowling Ball Is So Important!

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Having the right ball in your hands is SO important and heres why!

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41 Comments on “THIS Is Why The Right Bowling Ball Is So Important!”

  1. how do you figure all that out??? like when to move, what ball to use etc.
    im a noob with a limited ball selection.
    might be a good idea for a future video?

  2. My league arsenal is Gem, Phaze2, Belmo pro motion, and the Belmo Gold spare ball. And I’m averaging 217 this season.

  3. My current 3 ball league arsenal…(all 900Global)…Reality Check…Eternity…Ordnance Pearl…(occasionally bring the Badger Pink Fury)

  4. I’ve changed a bunch this season. Finally settled on my Trident Odyssey, Venom Shock, and Zen. Literally never threw Motiv before the Shock and their stuff seems to be matching up in my house recently.

  5. Yes, the Crux Prime has found its way into my bag. In 14 lbs, it’s a mid Rg Asymmetrical. Also added the Envy Tour.

  6. I had the same issues, too. Once my speed and revs increased, I decided to change my ball and surface. I normally couldn’t throw my Reality, but now, that ball is money. I got 4000 on it, but I will probably drop down to 3000 during the summer. I’m between getting an exotic gem or DNA as my next ball…

  7. Not to much other then balls that have been recently released. Started with Phase 4, Idol Cosmos, and UC3 now my bag is Eternity, IQ Ruby, Fate, & Revenant. I mostly throw Fate and IQ Ruby but have had success with each ball. The houses I bowl though A-Syms don’t give the best looks

  8. I am getting to the point where I pretty much can make any ball in my bag work by altering my release, speed etc. Isn’t that something worth working on instead of becoming one dimensional?

    1. Yes. Any bowler who is worth their salt should have the ability to shoot very high scores with as few balls as possible.

      And NO ONE who bowls on a house shot should ever need more than three resin/particle pieces. If you need to throw six resin/particle pieces in order to shoot over 600, there is something wrong with your fundamentals.

  9. I started my fall league with the Web Pearl Jade, UC3, and Trident Odyssey. 3 different brands but the work for me. I thought. I switched out the UC3 for a Purple Hammer and immediately replaced that with the Gem. So currently I start with the Odyssey and Move to the Gem depending on the oil that night. Or Start with the Gem and move to the Web Pearl. Im Going to replace the Web with a Black Venom. So my bag will be all solid asymmetrical. Lol, but it works for me. The Web will be my go to if nothing else works. I can do almost anything with it.

  10. Great video…I have the infinite physix, eternity, astro physix.Not sure there in order from strongest to weakest .Usually the infinite is the first ball I use on league.

  11. I’ve changed a lot this season. I’ve had many different balls finding which ones work for me and the conditions I play. I’ve found the black venom, revenant, and wolverine dark moss to work for most of the lane conditions I play. The dark moss I sold last week to one of my league teammates. It does very well for me on the burn, but I rarely get to use it anymore. I intend to replace the dark moss with either the IQ ruby or fate.

    If I’m on a pair that’s too oily I change my arsenal to the black widow 2.0 hybrid, black venom, and the revenant.

  12. Got a question. I’m looking to get a new ball next month before I start bowling in a summer league. I currently have the exotic gem and absolutely love it but looking to get something to compliment it, looking at either the Zen or the Phase 2. What would be the better option?

    1. imo, the phaze 2 is the more versatile option albeit a slightly weaker core+cover combo than the zen. The exotic is a strong ball. I think the phaze 2 is more of a stepdown from the exotic.

  13. I currently have a Zen and Hustle Wine. I tried a Super Nova and hated it. Would the Eternity be a good ball to pick up. Shots at my house are normally on the drier side and not much oil. Or is it to close to the Zen?

  14. Slightly long comment here but would love your advice for a little arsenal building
    Recently got the Black Widow 2.0 Hybrid. Decided to do it pin down and it has matched my game so well. Usual arsenal at the moment has been the 2.0 Hybrid, Motiv Blue Coral Venom & either the Zen or the Idol Cosmos.
    Just joined a league that’s going to get my 2 more balls from select list and I’m thinking off adding the track legion solid, rstx3, super nova or a reality check. Which do you think would compliment best the widow and venom? I was leaning towards the reality check & rstx3 but would love your thoughts!

  15. As a two handed lefty with low-medium ball speed that currently using a hustle wine, which next ball will be recommended?
    The Storm Fate or IQ Tour Ruby?

  16. league never stops, always learning. i kinda want a supernova rst2 or absolute pin down

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