This Is Why I HARDLY Ever Drill Bowling Balls Pin Down…. Unless I Do!!

This video I go into so taboo topics in bowling like pin up vs pin down and why I hardly ever drill balls pin down! Hit that Like and Sub button as it helps me a TON!!!

8 Comments on “This Is Why I HARDLY Ever Drill Bowling Balls Pin Down…. Unless I Do!!”

  1. Going pin down brought my average over 200. I was always typical a 175 avg bowler. I went pin down, and now I avg over 200. I can’t explain it.

    1. Probably gave you more control of the ball motion and control over the pocket making your shot more consistent.

  2. I’ve got my Purple Tank pin down and now my Rogue Assassin pin down and they both move pretty good. It took my a few games to get used to the shape of the Assassin, but it does move for sure. 4 1/2 pin on Rogue Assassin.

  3. Hey Lou, enjoy your videos. I am in Texas. I am 70 yes old and love to bowl. I am a league bowler. Still working. I am a helicopter mech. I work on Blackhawk helicopters as a contractor. Thanks again for all you tips and videos.

  4. Half of my arsenal is pin down and I love them. For me, they roll early on those fresh patterns where I’m playing inside the 10 board and it comes off the pattern smooth but squares up nicely to the pocket. I can easily play the entire set with these balls as long as I keep my ball speed in check. Control and predictability is what I get out of my pieces.

  5. Luis, one thing I do with my pin down equipment is move the target further down lane. Because they read early, I project them downlane further and that helps retain energy which will result in a smooth and strong move to the 1-3.

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