This Is Why I DO NOT Drill Discontinued Bowling Ball!

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In todays video we will talking about discontinued bowling balls! Why they get discontinued and why I usually don't drill them after they are discontinued! We will be comparing the 900 Global Honey Badger Intensity and the 900 Global Ordnance C4.

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11 Comments on “This Is Why I DO NOT Drill Discontinued Bowling Ball!”

  1. There’re a ton of balls that I’d have back but a couple I think would still fit even on today’s conditions. Storm Fringe, the quickest response ball ever made and AMF Cobra SE, the roundest reactive ball ever made. Cobra SE was highly overlooked and went by quickly. It’s just a super unique look that we’re never going to find ever again.

  2. I drill a LOT of discontinued balls. The best In my bag Is the RG Critical which was made In 2012. Cashed In eight tournaments In a row with two 2nd’s and a win In our local TOC where I used It all 16 games and averaged 220 with It. There are many discontinued balls that fill unique spots In ones bag.

  3. The C4 was one of my favorites, it still goes with me to tournaments and the occasional league night. It never got a fair chance though, the ball was released the same day as the Zen and we all know what that ball has done.

  4. The ordnance is actually still my benchmark… been there for about 5 months. I agree that pocket corner pins love to pop up when i creep left though

  5. I love my HB Intensity! Bowled my latest 300 game with it! A ball I would bring back would be… C300 Resurgence with a Solid cover, not they Hybrid re-release that came out a couple years ago…

  6. How much use do you expect to get out of your best balls? I’ve been taking bowling seriously for a couple of years now and the first ball that I got back then (Hustle Ink) is still probably my best/most consistent ball. I’ve heard about balls “dying”, but how much of a thing is that really? I can see how cracking can kill a ball, but the idea of the reaction “dying out” is questionable to me.

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