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Today we are comparing the 900 Global Zen to the all nee Storm Phaze V!

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  1. Looking forward to this vid, might decide my next ball. Love my soul (have some surface on it) need the 1-2 punch…

  2. I’ve never felt good throwing shiny bowling balls on the fresh. Feels like I have to be perfect, and then any transition is magnified. Zen aging like a fine wine.

  3. I just traded my zen master for a zen and reality. My monday night league, I ended up bowling a 759 scratch series using only the zen. Didn’t have to move too much through the whole night. Zen ball good indeed

  4. I bought a Zen drilled pin down in late April as I’m also slower with less rev rate and bowl on house lanes that are medium oil at best and dryer the rest. It still has the nice reaction into the pocket and hits hard. Love, love, love the Zen.

  5. Loved having the second person to throw! I have a zen and didn’t like it at first but am starting to love it more every week. Might take it to my pro shop for a resurface as I got mine in 2021

  6. If Chris didn’t loft the ball so far I think the phaze would have had a much better reaction. It just didn’t seem like it had any time to develop into a roll.

    1. That could be very true but the reason I loft the ball, besides knee issues, is so that my reaction will be later.

  7. I got a Zen for bday and had it made to not hook as much but still enough and was perfect for me 😊 upped my average by 20 or more points I play for special Olympics

  8. I love seeing a comparison of the newest, latest, and greatest balls compared to the ones that have been out for awhile already, and I’m talking about those now legendary staple balls that are in almost everyone’s bag (or SHOULD be) like the Zen and the Phaze 2. I’ve bought a handful of balls since I first bought my Zen a few years ago, but there never has been any question about what the first ball I’m gonna go for is going to be. For me, it’s the Zen, and then everything else.

  9. I just picked up a lightly used (less than 3 games) Proton Physix three weeks ago and am really liking it despite only having about 7 games on it. As long as I hit my target, that ball hits like a Mack truck! The odd thing is I have found it to have quite a bit less backend than the Nuclear Cell, despite having 80+ games on it. Definitely feel like I have a great 1-2 punch in the Proton and Nuke right now. IQ Emerald is right after the Nuke.

  10. We bowl on THS, Brunswick Anvilane (might be Pro) in a couple men’s senior leagues. Alot of the good bowlers averages are down 20 pins this year everybody else down some. I averaged 220 last year and am 67. What is happening is the lanes are breaking down very quickly and getting extremely wet dry. This is worse when you are bowling with players that are using urethane and they carry the oil down lane. Usually all is good until middle of first game then they start to transition quickly and they transition the rest of the set. I have no idea what my revs are but I turn the ball alot with 15.5 mph speed. I need a ball that blends out the wet dry and am considering a Zen. Given this information what would you recommend as a ball choice and drilling layout?

  11. Hi Luis, I would like to get your opinion on something. I currently have a RST X3 as first ball out of the bag for league and it’s working alright.

    For a step down from RST X3, which do you think will be better?

    lower RG sym Hybrid / Pearl (eg : Zen Soul, Zen) or higher RG sym pearl (eg: Wolverine DM).

  12. I watch a lot of bowlers from vlogs to instructional videos but when it comes down to being on the lanes with some commentary, you’re the best

  13. Nice video love the Zen have two have the Phase 4 getting my Phase 5 tomorrow drilling it between those two. 😊

  14. Bought a Phaze V for a friend of mine, he had a 300 with it within the first 10 games. Few weeks later, my Zen which has 150 games easily on it, I roll a new high game and series with it. I think these two balls are pretty safe bets for most bowlers.

  15. I bought a Zen as a treat for myself as an early birthday gift. Easily elevated my game and went up 20pins

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